Siglerism Heroic Infected Titan Award

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James "SynapticJam" Keeling, first recipient of the S.H.I.T Award

The Siglerism Heroic Infected Titan Award, otherwise known as the S.H.I.T. award, is bestowed upon the most fervent and dedicated Junkie's in the Siglerverse.


The S.H.I.T. award had its illustrious inception in April of 2008. The Future Dark Overlord (FDO™) was inspired to create this award as special recognition to the dedication exhibited by James "SynapticJam" Keeling during the 2008 Infected Book Tour hosted by Crown Publishing.

Many people traveled from far and wide to meet best-selling author Scott Sigler on the book tour, some driving upwards of four or more hours, one way, to attend the events in Seattle, L.A., San Francisco, New York and Houston. However, it was the unmatched dedication of Keeling, who traveled 2,482 miles round-trip from Minnesota to Houston's Murder by the Book that inspired the FDO™ to create this quixotic award.


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