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The Sklorno are one of the major alien races of The Rookie Universe.

Sklorno Physiology

Sklorno females are best recognized throughout the galaxy due to their prominent role in the Galactic Football League (GFL). In comparison, the lesser known Sklorno males display major differences when compared to the females of this species.


Sklorno males have the appearance of being small, furry black balls and known throughout the universe as Bed Bugs. The males of this race are highly sexed which requires the females Sklorno to dress in full body clothing when not playing football. Fully clothed females reduce the instance of overstimulation in the males of the species.


Sklorno females are approximately 9 feet tall (12 feet including the tail) and covered in a translucent chitin that reveals their black skeleton and internal organs beneath. They are bipedal, standing on two long legs bent similar to grasshopper legs, and each joint has coarse, black fur jutting out of it. The legs are 2 feet long and segmented, ending in a large 5-toed footpad. they have a slender body stalk which curves backward like a bow, and features two long, boneless, jointless arms extending from the chest roughly where a human female's breasts would be. Under the mouth are coiled two long raspers, partially covered by a chitinous chin-plate and covered in small, sharp hooks. When unrolled, these raspers reach down to the ground. The head is a softball-sized ball (approximately 5.5 inches in diameter) covered in coarse, black hairs. It is quite small because the brain is found within the main body stalk. It does, however, feature four eye stalks which are a deep magenta color, and which move independently to give the females a broad range of vision.

Sklorno Culture & History

Once considered the bane of the galaxy, they are an aggressive, fast-growing species. Sklorno females reach reproductive age in seven years and breed up to twice a year, with potential broods of ten to twelve children. This would lead to overpopulation, except the key feature of the Sklorno culture is their unique, and necessary, disdain for the value of individual life. They consider the goal of any Sklorno to be the advancement of the species as a whole, and individual sacrifice to meet that goal is not just encouraged, but simply assumed by all Sklorno. For example, they regularly engage in cannibalism as part of everyday life; once a Sklorno's usefulness as a member of the species is at an end, all they are good for is food. Cannibalism is also used to avoid overpopulation. When the population exceeds the food supply, the government selects individuals who will become food for others. They are an aggressive race and started the First Galactic War in order to further their species through expansion. They are rumored to eat their enemies after battles (humans are said to be a particular treat).


They also have a unique take on religion, tending to worship unusual objects and concepts. With the Creterakian introduction of football, the Sklorno fixated on the sport and it now features as a major component of Sklorno religion. Football appeals to their aggressive natures, and is seen as a macrocosm of the expansionist dynamic to which they are genetically and culturally predisposed. Sklorno take the names of Earth cities, as Earth is the birthplace of football. they make extra effort to learn English (though it is physiologically difficult for them to speak it) because it is the language of football. As leaders and shapers of the team, coaches and quarterbacks are singled out for individual worship, some inspiring full churches in their names.

Positions Held in The GFL

The Sklorno are best known in the GFL for their positions as as wide receivers on offense and in the secondary on defense. Sklorno are the only species suited for these roles, because of their blinding speed and ability to jump over 15 feet in the air.

Notable Sklorno Characters

in 2683, Denver, Scarborough, Hawick were popular receivers for the Ionath Krakens.


The radical differences in appearance between Humans and Sklorno have opened the Sklorno to bouts of racism. The racist term used to describe this species is Cricket, as their physiology is reminiscent of the Earth insect.

In the Purist Nation, they teach young children nursery rhymes that instruct them in ways of killing the "sub-races". The Sklorno rhyme is as follows:

The crickets have eyes on the tops of their head

Grab them and pull them and soon they'll be dead
With Satan's soldiers don't ever be kind

They can't see to sin if you make them blind