Stedmar Osborne

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Stedmar Osborne
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Team Owner, Gangster
Species Human
Fan Name No

Stedmar Osborne is the minor but important character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie and the podcast short story Title Fight. Stedmar owns the Mining Colony VI Raiders, the Purist Nation Tier 3 team which was the franchise which spawned the career of Quentin Barnes now the starting quarterback for the Ionath Krakens.



Stedmar is a man of contradiction. He is a confirmed member of the Purist Church and a caring family man, yet he is affiliated with Gredok the Splithead, a ruthless gangster. Stedmar can be seen as a man who does what he needs to do to accomplish his ends. He is a man who would have no compunctions about killing an enmey but also a man who takes in an orphan child, an act unheard of in the Purist Nation, and turn him into one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the GFL. It is this dichotomy which makes Stedmar an interesting and pivotal character in the life of Quentin Barnes and thus the story of The Rookie.

Affiliation with the Purist Church

While Stedmar is a confirmed church member, quite a feat even in the modern day Purist Church, he does not believe in the tenets of Purism. To Stedmar, being a member of the church is merely a means to an end as only confirmed church members have access to the business contacts necessary to succeed in the Purist Nation. This disregard for religion is shown throughout the opening pages of the novel and is typified by Stedmar being a member of Gredok the Splithead's organization (i.e. association with alien species is a sin).


Stedmar has a wife, Michele Osborne, and at least one child. He appears to care for them very much, agreeing to trade his star player Quentin Barnes to Gredok after the Quyth Leader threatens their lives with a sniper using a pulse cannon from one of the atmosphere processors flowing above the stadium. With no recourse except to see those he loves die, Stedmar agrees to the deal.


Working with the Splithead

Stedmar a member of the underworld organization controlled by the Quyth Leader Gredok the Splithead. He is a successful lieutenant to Gredok and currently in control of the crime syndicate on planet Micovi.

As a member of Gredok's organization, Stedmar is familiar with Quyth customs. Shown several times during opening scenes of the book, Stedmar is able to ease tensions with the Quyth Leader through simple human equivalencies of Quyth fealty movements. While he is eventually unsuccessful in keeping Quentin or bettering Gredok's deal, Gredok is impressed with his Lieutenant and leaves the meeting promising to never underestimate him.

Micovi Raiders

Stedmar is the owner of two-time PNFL Champions the Micovi Raiders. The main reason for the Raiders' success is the four-year quarterback Quentin Barnes. It is widely speculated that after Quentin was acquired by the Ionath Krakens that the Micovi Raiders will need years to rebuild into an effective team once again.

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