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System Police is a galaxy wide police force created by the Creterakians in 2653.


The System Police departments were created in response to cross-species violence and piracy in the years following the fall of several races to Creterakian forces.

Piracy continues to be a problem, even after the formation of the System Police. Since the league started in 2659, five GFL team buses have been destroyed by pirates. That is to say five whole sporting organizations destroyed: Players, coaches, staff, everything, instantly wiped out. To limit this sort of damage and to maintain the league's schedule, the Creterakian empire allows for team buses to have limited defensive weaponry. However this defensive armament would be no match for a Creterakian frigate. In some instances, the Creterakians sold former warships to teams, such as the Touchback that was sold to the Ionath Krakens.

A converted Planetary Union Arhmed-class frigate, the Touchback was formerly the Baghavad-Rodina, a component of the famed Blue Fleet. Taken by Creterakian boarding parties in the battles of 2640, temporarily used as a patrol craft, and mothballed in 2644, Gredok the Splithead purchased the craft in 2665 under special license from the Creterakian empire. The craft has since been used as the Team bus for the Ionath Krakens.

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