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Phase One - All known crossovers between published Siglerverse content

Completed 1/22/2017.

Phase Two - Add specific cited references for represented connections

Maybe add not first introduction, but most significant? Find examples of both.

Probably about 98% done as of 7/25/2017.

Need to add:

Species Relationship Relation
Harrah appear in The Crypt[1]
Marie's Children appear in Nocturnal<citation needed>
Marie's Children fight Kissyman (character)<citation needed>


Organization Relationship Relation
Department of Special Threats appears in Infected Trilogy[2]
Department of Special Threats appears in Infected Trilogy[3]

Need to change Earthcore Dragon Moon Press references to Empty Set 2017 references.

Phase Three - Add GFL-Specific mapping, covering GFL Core Books and GFL Novella

Future image reference: * Fort and ServOh - John Dunivant, Nocturnal book trailer

Future image reference: David M. Pearlman's Kool Suit:
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