The Galaxy's Greatest Damn Sports Show

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The Galaxy's Greatest Damn Sports Show is a regular sports program in Galactic Football League Universe. The show is similar to Earth-based shows of the late twentieth, early twenty-first centuries.


The Galaxy's Greatest Damn Sports Show has a format where The Hosts talk about recent or upcoming sporting events. Mostly the topics revolve around the GFL Tier 1 and Tier 2 seasons. Sometimes the Hosts take call in questions or comments from viewers whereupon they debate the question. This is mostly done in an adversarial nature, sometimes with threats of violence, which also increases the show's ratings. The hosts will commonly change their opinions from show to show defending a player in one episode and vilifying him in the next.


Akbar Smith and Dan Gianni

Akbar Smith and Dan Gianni are two human hosts on The Galaxy's Greatest Damn Sports Show. Akbar and Dan regularly change their views about players from episode to episode and will commonly yell at each other for supporting the player which the other is not. During the events of The Rookie Dan and Akbar traded views on the Ionath Krakens' Rookie, Quentin Barnes. In the three episodes of The Galaxy's Greatest Damn Sports Show shown in the novel Dan supported Barnes over veteran Quarterback Donald Pine whereas Akbar supported Pine. Their opinions switched in the next episode before the Krakens' week 8 game against the Glory Warpigs and once again before the Tier 2 semi-final match against the Texas Earthlings.

Tarat the Smasher

Is the "Football-Legend-in-Residence" for The Galaxy's Greatest Damn Sports Show. While no date is given for his retirement, a clue is given when Tarat mentions that he played against Mitchel "The Machine" Fayed prior to his retirement: This indicates that Tarat must have retired sometime in the past 8 years. Tarat commonly acts as the straight-man to Akbar and Dan. This leads to some unintentional yet very funny moments where Tarat reads off very basic definitions after either Akbar or Dan ask a rhetorical question. Tarat considers himself a serious reporter and enjoys a friendly rivalry with other reporters including Yolanda Davenport, whom he has scooped on air.

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