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The Team Bus is the term used for a starship designed to carry a Galactic Football team from one planet to another.

General Characteristics

Team Buses can be any type of space transport and are often converted from decommissioned military vehicles. They must be capable of carrying, housing and caring for the team, the staff, and any supplies such as football gear. Higher end models will often feature practice facilities as well as luxury amenities for the players.

Also, the team bus must be able to meet the needs of the varying species as well as each Tier I and Tier II team would carry, Ki, Quyth, and humans, both regular and High-G, among other species. The competitiveness and high-stakes nature of the league lends itself to vunerability of the team, therefore Team Buses are typically armed against attacks, particularly against pirates.


Piracy can still be a problem throughout the galaxy despite the introduction of System Police in 2653. Since the league started in 2659, five team buses have been destroyed by pirates. That is to say five whole sporting organizations destroyed: Players, coaches, Staff, everything instantly wiped out. To limit this sort of damage and to maintain the league's schedule, the Creterakian empire allows for team buses to have limited defensive weaponry. The weapons on the team buses, however, would be no match for a Creterakian frigate.

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