Texas Earthlings

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Texas Earthlings
Team Colors
City Texas
Planet Earth
System Tower Republic
Field Color
Team Owner Tanel Lumiste
2682 Record
2683 Record
2684 Record T1 4-8
2685 Record T1 8-4 (P)
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The Texas Earthlings is a Galactic Football League (GFL) team which the Ionath Krakens meeting in the semi-finals of the Tier 2 Championships. The team is a Tier 2 team within the Human League of the GFL that also includes the following teams:

  • Tower League (Tower, Leekee)
  • Ki League (Ki, former Ki Rebellion planets)
  • Harrah League
  • Sklorno League

The head coach of the Texas Earthlings is Pata the Calculating who is of the Quyth race.


Position Starters Second String
Wide Receiver Norfolk
Tight End Bates Mcgee
Quarterback Case "Hot Pepper" Johanson Dan Erlewine
Full Back Jules Ardetto
Running Back Pookie Chang
Tail Back Peter Lowachee
Punter Serj Tanakian
Kicker Napoleon Utube
Kick Returner Utgard
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

Position Starters
Defensive Tackle Chok-oh-Thilit
Linebacker Alonzo Castro*
Linebacker Kipir the Assassin
Left Cornerback Toronto
Strong Safety Jurong
Free Safety Montrouge
Right Cornerback Volgograd
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

NOTE: Players listed are only those explicitly named in the Printed version of The Rookie By Scott Sigler. Additional players would be required to field a full team.

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