The Galactic Timeline

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The Galactic Timeline is the timeline of events in the Siglerverse particularly surrounding the events of The Rookie. This timeline can best be used to understand the complex political climate of The Rookie, The Crypt, and now The Starter.

The Galactic Timeline

Reaching out into the Galaxy
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Year Event
2345 Rewalls complete first successful test of the Punch Drive, achieve FTL status.
2387 Humans independently develop the Punch Drive.
2392 Rewalls establish colony on Loshal.
2401 Humans become first interstellar ambassadors, landing on Whitok.
  • Humans (with help of Terran Dolphins) sign treaty with Whitok.
  • Whitok inhabit Earth's waters, humans inhabit Whitok lands.
  • Purist movement forms on Earth. Some humans believe Whitokians are tools of the devil and that they should be destroyed.
2407 Humans colonize Capizzi 7, located in the Whitok system.
2409 Rewall colonize Yewalla.
2412 Terrorist attack on Whitok city by Purists. 120 Whitok killed.
2414 Purist movement gains power. They want "Satanic" Whitok removed form Earth.
2420 Whitok become third interstellar race, achieving FTL with help of human scientists.
2424 Prawatt achieve FTL capability.
2430 Estimated time the Givers arrive in galaxy.
2431 Terrorist attacks on Whitok increase. Earth authorities heavily punish Purists in order to pacify enraged Whitokians. Purists flee persecution and leave Earth in small fleet of ships. They predict destruction of Earth as they escape "Satanic" Whitok.
2431 Earthlings colonize Satirli 6.
2432 Givers land on Harrah homeworld.
2433 Capizzi 7 achieves self-sufficiency.
2438 Prawatts attack peaceful Rewall research vessel. First interstellar combat. Both ships break off fighting and return to home systems.
  • Kuluko establish radio contact with Whitok, Rewalls and Earth.
  • Purists land on Jason 2, renaming it Allah. Begin massive re-tooling of fleet to create fighting navy.
2440 Prawatt, with a navy of only 20 ships, attack Yewalla in first interstellar war. Prawatt forces defeat token Rewall defenders and land on Yewalla, but are driven off by Rewall land forces.
2445 Purists colonize Stewart.
2448 Harrah achieve FTL capability. Givers depart.
  • Satirli 6 achieves self-sufficiency.
  • Earth, Capizzi and Satirli-6 form Planetary Union.
2453 Purists declare war on Planetary Union in First Holy War. The purists only have 12 ships. The war is clumsy and short-lived.
2454 Purists, fearing a retaliatory attack, sue for peace. Union accepts.
2455 Givers land on Kurgurk homeworld.
2456 Prawatt conquer Kuluko, exterminating the intelligent race. Ambassadors from Union, Whitok and Rewall Accord are executed. None of the three systems are able to respond in time to help Kuluko.
2460 Rewalls colonize Lotharis.
2461 Whitok colonize New Whitok.
2468 Planetary Union colonizes Thomas 3, which is in the same system as New Whitok
2470 Leekee achieve FTL capability.
  • Prawatt colonize Lewarth and Basadah.
  • Kurgurk achieve FTL capability. Givers depart.
2486 Prawatt fleet (estimated at 72) attack Yewalla again. Rewall ships, now prepared for combat, destroy Prawatt fleet (an estimated 25 ships returned to Prawatt).
2489 Satirli 6 secedes from Planetary Union. Civil war erupts between Union and Satirli 6.
2490 Whitok colonize Withrit.
2491 Satirli 6 successfully defends itself. Planetary Union officially recognizes it as an independent government.
2502 Sklorno achieve FTL capability.
2503 Thomas 3 admitted to Planetary Union.
2504 Grasslop achieve FTL capability.
2506 Grasslop ship meets Leekee ship in neutral space. Leekee attack and destroy Grasslop ship.
2510 Leekee declare war on Grasslop.
  • Rewalls colonize Yashan.
  • Purists colonize Mason.
  • Satirli 6 colonizes Wilson 4 and Wilson 6 and immediately declares them both independent protectorates, to be completely free as soon as they are self-sufficient.
  • Satirli 6 opens trade with Planetary Union and Whitok Kingdom.
2515 Satirli 6 opens its doors to Union immigrants and they come by the millions. Satirli 6 rapidly becoming economic giant.
2517 Purists, seeing Satirli 6's massive growth and assuming they hate the Union, invite Satirli 6 to join the Purist Nation. Satirli 6 refuses and Purists declare war on the infidels.
2518 Givers land on Ki homeworld.
2519 Purists can't keep up their long distance offensive war against Satirli 6. Purists offer peace, and Satirli 6 accepts. Satirli 6, Wilson 4 and Wilson 6 form League of Planets to defend themselves against future Purist aggression.

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Year Event
  • Sklorno launch massive (150 ship) attack against Withrit, destroying all intelligent life on planet.
  • Whitok kingdom immediately declares war on Sklorno.
  • Planetary Union joins its ally and declares war on Sklorno.
2521 Purists see the Union at war and declare Second Holy war on the infidels.
  • Whitok sends delegation to Rewalls.
  • Rewalls understand message and declare war on Sklorno.
  • League of Planets declares defensive war on Purist Nation.
  • Prawatt, who have waited until Rewall navy is committed against Sklorno, attack Yewalla.
  • Sklorno are days away from conquering Whitok.
  • Purists get first look at Sklorno. They immediately break off their war with the Union.
  • League of Planets stops attacks on Purist ships, allowing them to return back to their system.
  • Rewall forced to break off attacks on Sklorno to deal with Prawatt.
  • In a last-ditch effort, the Whitok Navy suicide-attacks the Sklorno forces off of the Whitok homeworld. The attack stops the movement on Whitok homeworld, but costs the Kingdom 50 percent of an already crippled fleet.
2524 Planetary Union brings full force to bear on Sklorno navy, which has regrouped and is heading for Whitok homeworld. The largest battle of the war ensues. Union forces drive off Sklorno, but not before the Sklorno saturation-bomb Whitok homeworld. Most life on Whitok destroyed and planet is uninhabitable.
  • Ki achieve FTL capability. Eat Givers for dinner.
  • Rewall and Prawatt stalemate ends when Rewall leave a ravaged Yewalla for the Prawatt Jihad.
2526 Whitok offer Reiger 2 to Planetary Union in thanks after refusing to join Union. Addition of Reiger 2 leaves New Whitok, the Kingdom's only remaining planet, well inside Union borders.
2527-2549 The Age Of Colonization.
  • Planetary Union adds Jones, New Earth, Rodina (all three in same system) and Home to its ranks.
  • Sklorno destroy avian race on Yall and add Chikchik.
  • Whitok spend trillions on colonization, adding Whipath and Whirod (same system) Whopol, Whirot and all-water giant Wheresh
  • Prawatt add Ionath.
  • Rewall add Loshall.
  • Leekee add Grinkas and Replas.
  • League of Planets adds Vosor 3 and distant Tower 1.
  • Purists add Solomon.
  • Kurgurk add Rfgh and Drghp.
  • Ki add Ol 3 and Re 4.
2530 Portath achieve FTL capability (estimated). At unknown dates, Portath colonize Thew and Faskah.
  • League of Planets forces sent from Tower on peaceful mission are lost when they enter the Cloud.
  • Portath send a message to the galaxy not to enter the cloud.
  • League sends large navy to protect Tower from potential threat.
2533 Sklorno, despite warnings from Planetary Union, attack New Whitok. Whitok Kingdom's savage new navy has been waiting for revenge for nine years, and defeat Sklorno in pitched battle.
2535 Planetary Union sign treaty of friendship with Purist Nation. League of Planets and Whitok Kingdom voice their objections to treaty.

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Year Event
  • Leekee attack Whiropt in an effort to gain new territory. Whitok barely repel attack.
  • Whitok, seeing a double threat to a navy that hasn't even recovered fully from the last war, begin to spend all money on defense.
2537 Leekee, trying to surprise Whitok forces at Whiropt, travel into Portath Cloud. Forty-seven ships are never heard from again as entire force disappears. (editor's note- this was the Leekee's biggest blunder, as it gave Whitok time to rebuild its navy. Had Leekee attacked directly with the 47 ships, it could have claimed half of the Whitok Kingdom's territory.)
  • Purist Nation launches major fleet in effort to add Tower 1.
  • League of Planets promises war if Purists touch Tower.
  • Purists claim the Union cannot allow hostile League ships through its space as it would be a violation of the friendship treaty of 2535. Caught in the diplomatic trap and wanting to avoid war with Purists, the Union claims neutrality and refuses to allow League ships through.
  • Purist force, unaware of large Tower Navy, are defeated in first battle for Tower.
  • League tries to send ships though Union space. Union blockades the movement. Minor firefight ensues with League returning to system.
  • League forces are stonewalled by Purist defenses outside Jones system, League helpless to protect Tower.
  • August 4: Tower Captain Markos surprises Purist forces at Stewart. Purists suffer heavy losses, but still maintain vast numerical superiority. Tower's hopes for peace are dashed as Purists send 80-ship armada to conquer Tower once and for all.
  • November 21: Markos, pursued by 78 Purist vessels, leads Tower's final 14 ships into the Portath Cloud. Markos baits Purists into cloud and scatters his fleet. Seven Tower ships returned home, and all 78 Purist ships were lost. Captain Markos was never heard from again.
  • Portath send message to Purists; "Attack again, and we will destroy you."
  • Purist government, unsure of how Tower destroyed most of its fleet, offers Tower peace. Tower accepts.
  • Tower secedes from League of Planets. League blames Union for loss of planet, hostile feelings remain today.
  • Union, angered at being used in the Tower conflict, breaks off treaty. Purists warn of consequences.
  • Ki navy makes its first appearance, attacking Leekee forces at Replas.
  • Ki Navy wins battle, then returns home.
  • Ki Navy attacks Harrah forces. Harrah win soundly and declare war on Ki for unprovoked aggression.
  • Planetary Union, trying to prevent a war so close to its borders, calls Galactic Peace Conference, attended by all except Prawatt.
  • Quyth achieve FTL capability.

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Year Event
  • Ki sign peace treaty with Harrah (at conference). Ki people outraged.
  • Ol and Re seceded from Ki Empire.
  • Leekee see potential for war if Rebels win and decide to support Ki government, attacking the rebels near Ol.
  • Rebels hold off Leekee and press closer to Ki. Some landings take place, resulting in numerous ground wars.
  • Rewalls, who have had excellent relations with the Ki government, threaten war unless rebels retreat. Rebels continue attacks and Rewall engage rebel forces at Re.
  • Whitok, spurred on by the memory of unprovoked attacks by Leekee, send "advisors" to help rebels on Leekee border.
  • Tower, wary of rebuilt Purist navy and hungry for allies, sends ships to help Leekee.
  • Purists, seeing another chance to snatch Tower, side with Rebels for "religious purposes." Planetary Union warns Purists to stay away from Tower.
  • A minor altercation on the Prawatt/Sklorno border erupts into a full-scale war.
  • Harrah join in fight against the Rebels, supporting the government that made the peace treaty.
  • April 27: First Battle for Ki. Synchronized attack by the Purists, Whitok and Rebels overwhelm Rewall and Leekee forces. Rebels take Ki, but not before Royal family can be evacuated.
  • Purists attack Tower forces at Tower. Union immediately moves to attack Purists.
  • Battle for Asteroid X7. Union forces meet Purist forces at Asteroid X7. Union wins by small margin. Purists fall back to re-group. (Editor's Note - the fall back is considered the biggest tactical mistake of the war. The Union could not mount another offensive for at least three months, and the Purists could have brought up reserves and regrouped right on the front lines.)
  • June 12: Tower, Rewall and Leekee forces seize opportunity and attack Rebels in Second Battle for Ki. Whitok navy late in arriving and is turned back by organized Rewall defenses.
  • July 23: Leekee, Tower and Loyal Ki forces re-take planet. Rebels on planet-side are ousted and Rebel forces return to Re and Ol.
  • Tower turns down offer to join Union. Instead, they join new Tri-Alliance (Ki Empire, Leekee Collective and Tower Republic).
  • Prawatt/Sklorno war is a stalemate.
  • Sklorno saturate Ionath.
  • Prawatt saturate Chikchik.
  • Both planets rendered devoid of life.
2559 Rewall, hot off their victory over the Ki Rebels, launch a surprise attack against Prawatt-controlled Yewalla. They quickly defeat the Prawatts, who are still weak from war with Sklorno. Rewalls execute all Prawatts in retaliation for actions of 2525.
2561 Ki declare themselves trading capitol of the galaxy and sign non-aggression pacts with every system, excluding Prawatt.
2562 Tower and Leekee conduct The Great Planet Trade. Leekee added one of Tower's moons (New Leekee). Tower adds two planets in Leekee system (Fortress and Citadel).
2563 Ki colonize To.
2568 Harrah claim Satah, which is deep in Whitok space. Whitok are unable to use planet, but still threaten war. Union enters as intermediary; Harrah buy the planet from Whitok for $50 billion.
2569 Harrah claim Lorah, which Planetary Union has rights to but cannot live on. Caught in same argument they used against Whitok, Union reluctantly sells planet to Harrah for $57 billion.
  • February 12: 23 year galactic peace shattered when Quyth send 400 ships against Reiger, crushing defenses and enslaving population.
  • February 17: Quyth strike again, sending another fleet of 300 ships against Sklorno held Gritchlik. They take planet and send Sklorno citizens back to Sklorno.
  • March 4: Quyth expansion halted by Rewall when they defeat 500-ship force at Loshall.
  • March 27: Union forces attack Quyth at Reiger. Union loses 26 ships, Quyth lose 112. Quyth win with incredible numerical superiority (estimated at 4 to 1).
  • April 10: Sklorno re-take Gritchlik in costly battle.
  • May 22: Quyth re-take Gritchlik with navy returning from Loshall. Sklorno saturate planet before pulling out.
  • Quyth shock the galaxy when it is discovered they have a permanent colony on radioactive Gritchlik.
  • June 4: Quyth colonize and claim Whitok.
  • July 6: Quyth colonize and claim Ionath.
  • July 17: Quyth colonize and claim Chikchik.
  • July 21: Whitok declare war on Quyth for landing on Whitok (even though it will be another three million years before any Whitokian can even set foot on the there).
  • Through three battles, Whitok lose half of their 300-ship navy while destroying 1,012 Quyth ships.
2574 Quyth retaliate to "unprovoked" attacks and send 600 ships to attack New Whitok. Combined Union and Whitok force meet Quyth fleet. Quyth lost 450 ships before retreating, Whitok lost 78 and Union lost 45 (editor's note- largest single battle in Galaxy's history). Whitok and Quyth agree to a cease-fire.
2581 Sklorno attack Drghp. Kurgurk unleash asteroid battleships and destroy Sklorno invaders.
2582 Whitok, fearing an attack from Leekee (their navy was still very weak from Quyth war), trade rights to Whopol to Ki for weapons, ships and credit.
2584 Ki develop deep mineral sites on Whopol that the Whitok were unaware of. Resulting wealth thrusts Ki Empire past League of Planets into top economic power in the galaxy.
2587 Pirate attacks begin in earnest on Ki shipping lanes.
  • Harrah boldly claim Yarah, a planet on the Quyth/Rewall border. Both systems are so surprised and slow to react that Harrah set up heavy defenses before either system could respond. Harrah allowed to keep planet without war.
  • Whitok spend defense money hand over fist and begin to borrow from gracious Ki Empire.
2589 Ki Imperial Navy capturing more pirates, finding most to be human with some Ki.

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Year Event
2591 Purists use seven captured Unions ships (captured in the last war) to attack convoy just off of To. Ki cripple one ship, which the purists have filled with captured Union soldiers (also from the last war). Ki troops find only dead Union soldiers.
  • September 5: Despite claims of innocence from the Union, Ki government decides war would be good for economy and declares war on Union for sponsoring pirates.
  • Ki force Whitok, who are deeply in debt to the Empire, to stay out of war.
  • Ki manipulate treaty agreement of 2558 as well as threaten to cut off trade to bring Tower and Leekee into the war.
  • No battles have yet taken place. Purist Nation gladly joins the fight against the warmongering, satanic Union.
  • League of Planets, realizing that they will be next on Ki and Purist target list if the two defeat the most powerful navy in the galaxy, join the Union in the war.
  • January 17: Ki and Union forces meet off of Harrah homeworld. Union forces are defeated and retreat to stronghold at Thomas 3.
  • July 2: Ki Rebel Establishment takes advantage of Empire's troubles and pounces on Ak, an Imperial protectorate, adding it to the Establishment.
  • Ki, who don't think war is progressing fast enough, negotiate a deal with the Sklorno to attack the Union.
  • Whitok, ashamed of their stance in the war and not helping its Union ally, attack the hated Sklorno with vigor.
  • Battles rage across galaxy. Ki side is winning due to greater numbers and more money.
  • Empire manages to keep solid trade lines going with all her allies except the Sklorno.
  • January 12: Ki and Tower forces defeat main Union force and conquer Thomas 3
  • February 14: Purists conquer Jones 2.
2596 Planetary Union very close to surrender. Fleet operating at 34 percent of original numbers. Death toll reaching 70 million.
  • Jan 12: Rewall enters war suddenly by conquering Demos. Ki must defend against Rewall's constant harassment sorties and lose numerical superiority over Union.
  • May 19: The Great Sneak Attack. League of Planets forces invoke new stealth technology to travel to Allah, defeating Purist forces and conquering Purist capitol.
  • Purists immediately pull every ship out of war and head for Allah, leaving weakening Ki forces. When Purist ships arrive in Allah system, League leaves without a fight.
  • Harrah offer aid to Union for far-flung Whitok outpost. Union and Whitok, who can no longer hold back Sklorno, agree to terms.
  • Union forces, led by Harrah frigates, conquer Ki forces and re-take Thomas 3.
  • Ki Rebels declare all debts owed to Ki Empire invalid and sneak attack Ki homeworld.
  • Ki immediately retreat to deal with new threat.
  • Tower/Leekee forces attack Rebels at Re. They are defeated and the Tri-Alliance members withdraw from war, leaving Ki Empire with no allies.
  • Ki Empire surrenders to combined delegation of League, Union, Rebel and Rewall forces.
  • Harrah claim Whitok outpost, christening it Mathara.
  • Harrah give Sklorno cease-fire ultimatum. Sklorno return to their system.
  • September 6: Galactic Accord signed. Ki navy limited to 100 active ships, and 100 dismantled and in reserve for defensive purposes. Union Watchdogs installed on all Ki ships to insure compliance with treaty. Ki allowed to hold all of its possessions. Rebels demand Ki homeworld for their part in the war. Other systems just want peace and officially end war with promises of retaliating to any hostile Rebel actions.

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Year Event
2601 Planetary Union buys back Jones 2. Purists sell because they do not want to go to war in their weakened state.
2610 The Great Mapping Conference. System borders are hammered out to everyone's satisfaction. The new map clearly marks territory and makes it obvious to identify the aggressor. This brings about a relative peace.
2634 Quyth claim that map is incorrect, that Sklorno border is too close to Gritchlik and Chikchik.
2636 Second Galactic Peace Conference held. Quyth and Sklorno are not liked by anyone, and little attention is paid to their border dispute.
  • Tiring of constant border raids by Quyth, Sklorno send major force to border.
  • Quyth respond by sending a major force.
  • Ki achieve pre-war economic status.
  • Tensions on Quyth/Sklorno border continue to rise, war seems imminent.
  • Prawatts announce their intention of backing the Quyth if war should break (editor's note - a major turning point in the history of galaxy, as it was the Jihad's first political move).
  • Purists, who now have their navy functioning again, claim rights to Jones 2, saying that they were coerced into selling planet, for a fraction of its worth. Purists say that Union would have destroyed Allah had the Nation not sold Jones 2.
  • Rodina threatens secession from the Union.

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Year Event
2639 Creterakians achieve FTL capability. Quyth, Rewalls and Harrah claim Creterak. Creterakians claim allegiance to no one and friendship to all. (editor's note - the Creterakians had been quietly monitoring the galactic events of the past 200 years without being discovered. They knew exactly what was going on when they announced their presence. The are far ahead of where any other race was at the FTL discovery phase of their histories).
  • Quyth, Rewall and Harrah fleets converge on Creterak, tensions soaring - none of the three governments is willing to give up rights to the world, while the rest of the galaxy tries to decide how to handle this unprecedented situation.
  • Skirmishes erupt amongst the three fleets.
  • Creterakians claim self-sufficiency, send delegations to the three fleets to negotiate a settlement.
  • The three fleets welcome the tiny, seemingly harmless Creterakian delegations. The Creterakians are far from harmless. Swarming by the thousands, the small, flying creatures erupt from landing bays and within hours have captured all ships from the three fleets.
  • The Creterakians launch 50,000 landing ships that have been concealed on the planet. This reveals a level of technology not only unsuspected by the rest of the galaxy, but unknown to anyone (editor's note, the Creterakians planned their galactic attack for over 125 years).
  • Each ship contains at least one million Creterakians. Fifty billion Creterakians spread through the galaxy within days. Thousands of ships are destroyed, but at least four ships land on every colonized planet in the galaxy. The Creterakians completely bypass navies, choosing to land on planets instead.
  • Once on a planet, the Creterakian flocks unleash a devastating ground attack. Their speed, natural flight, and high-powered weaponry makes them an unstoppable force. Within one week, all ground armies are overwhelmed.
  • Whitokian governments, based underwater, remain intact, but all land is overtaken.
  • Prawatt Jihad has more time to react, being at the edge of the galaxy. They irradiate outlying worlds and colonies, and fall back to their system. They manage to destroy all of the Creterakian ships targeted for their core system.
  • Quyth government retreats to irradiated worlds, where the Creterakians choose not attack.
  • Planetary Union forces, led by Admiral Joshua Baugh, attempt a desperate attack on the Creterakian homeworld. The Creterakians use their captured warships to hold off the attack.
  • League of Planets Blue Fleet, numbering over 1,000 vessels, joins the assault, but the Creterakians are waiting - they have discovered a design flaw in League ships, and manage to use small boarding vessels to swarm the League ships, capturing all ships in one devastating tactical stroke.
  • Ki Empire and Ki Rebellion navies join forces in an attack on the Creterakian homeworld, but are soundly defeated by the technologically advanced captured League ships.
  • Almost 900 Creterakian warships and landing vessels enter the Portath Cloud and are never heard from again.
  • Creterakians demand the surrender of all navies. Initially all systems refuse, but the Creterakians begin to execute thousands of hostages every day.
  • The Planetary Union surrenders first, on the orders of Admiral Joshua Baugh.
  • The Ki Empire surrenders.
  • The Ki Rebellion manages to evacuate government officials to a warship, and declare themselves a space-faring race, abandoning their planets.
  • Purist Nation surrenders.
  • Tower Republic surrenders.
  • Leekee Collective surrenders.
  • League of Planets surrenders.
  • Creterakians abandon efforts to pacify Rewall Association and Kurgurk. Scientists aren't even sure if the Kurgurk knew the Creterakians were on their planets - the Creterakian armies were completely ignored.
  • Harrah Tribal Accord surrenders
  • Sklorno Dynasty surrenders
  • Creterakians abandon efforts to pacify irradiated Quyth Concordia planets.
  • Creterakians abandon efforts to pacify Whitok Kingdom - Whitokian underwater combat technology too great to overcome.
  • Creterakians in clear control of the Galaxy. Most species suspect existing governments are working with the Creterakians, creating an overpowering, Cold War atmosphere of distrust.
  • Murder rates skyrocket, as do isolationist cults and cross-species violence.
2644 In an effort to control cross-species violence and racism, the Creterakians take over all shipping between worlds.
2645 Creterakian shipping proves to be clumsy and poorly communicated. Goods and services are delivered late, often not at all, and industry begins to suffer heavily.
  • The Galaxy dives headlong into economic depression. Despite strict Creterakian discipline, murder and violence rates continue to climb. In cities and planets that formerly encouraged diversification, violence becomes a daily occurrence.
  • The Creterakians begin to realize they don't understand the behavior of other species. Creterakian scientists assumed that once they had control of all military forces, a great peace would ensue.
  • The Dark Time - the depression hits the worst levels ever, with galactic unemployment at 25 percent.
  • Cross-species relations reach an all-time low.
  • Organized crime swells to new heights, providing unobtainable goods and services for exorbitant prices.
2648 The Creterakians give up on their role as the galaxy's shippers, turning the duties over to the Ki Empire.
2649 The Ki Empire provides an overall organizational structure, coordinating the shipping fleets of all subjugated governments. Almost overnight, the demand for imported goods and services skyrockets as items once again become available on most worlds.
2650 The Planetary Union introduces a galactic supply-and-demand computing system, tying all shipping vessels into one gigantic, coordinated fleet. Economic recovery continues to boom.
  • Despite increased trade, cross-species violence is still a major problem, so severe it interferes with shipping as vessels are illegally searched and crews harassed or detained based on race.
  • Ki Rebellion piracy becoming a major problem.
  • Organized crime grows stronger by preying on shipping.
  • Creterakians refuse to give any government warships to deal with the piracy problem.
2652 Cross-species violence becomes an epidemic as terrorists do the unthinkable, simultaneously nuking three cities (one each on the Planetary Union's Earth, Leekee Collective's Grinkas and Ki Empire's Ki). Purist Nation is suspected, but there is no proof.
  • Creterakians ask for help in controlling cross-species violence and piracy. Planetary Union officials introduce a plan for "System Police" departments - para-military forces made up of indigenous species that protect their various governments.
  • SP ships are armed, but are significantly weaker than Creterakian warships.
  • SP ships are given limited search-and-seizure powers.
  • Creterakians finally admit they need help in improving species relations. League of Planets steps up, introducing non-contact galactic sporting events.
  • Sports have historically brought races together, not only for humans, but for all sentient species.
  • League scientists believe group dynamics that have held true for intra-species race relations will also hold true for inter-species relations.
  • The sporting events prove to be a boon to the entertainment and travel industries, but is not producing the predicted cross-species cooperation.
  • Physiology results in single species dominating various sports:
  • Harrah dominate all racing events.
  • Ki dominate all strength, hand-to-hand combat, and throwing events.
  • Sklorno dominate non-contact field sports like soccer.
  • Humans dominate all hand-eye coordination sports like hockey, archery, etc.

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Year Event
  • League scientist Demarkus Johnson unveils a plan for the Galactic Football League.
  • Football is the only sport where various positions cater to the different physiologies.
  • The Creterakians readily accept, funding a test league of 12 teams.
2659-2661 The GFL is an immediate success, as it forces species to work together. In addition, it is the first occurrence in decades where fans of one species root for players of another.
2662 The GFL expands to 14 teams.
  • Purist Nation citizens rise up against Creterakian control. System-wide riots occur as citizens attack Cteretakian garrisons. Creterakians bring in military reinforcements to quell uprising.
  • Human death count uncertain, at least 12,000.
  • Creterakian death count: 7,213
  • Reverend Abdul Smith uses situation to mount bloody coup, takes over church leadership.
  • Smith works with Creterakians to investigate uprising, uses investigation to remove potential enemies.
  • Millions flee Purist Nation as Smith's Creterakian death squads spread through system.
  • Demand for teams is so great that the GFL expands to 18 teams.
  • Station 1 Givers, Buddah City Elite, Hittoni Hullwalkers and Srabian Salient added.
  • "The Disaster." Purist Nation police under Abdul Smith's orders impounds the New Rodina Astronauts' team bus. The Purist Nation police accuse the Astronauts of spying - all non-human players are executed.
  • Governments are outraged - anti-human violence soars.
  • The GFL season is cancelled.
  • Purist Nation church coup results in Smith's death. Mullah Abigail Chase new leader.
  • Creterakian officials decide to eliminate the GFL.
  • Club football teams flourish.
  • A Ki businessman starts a new 12-team league to fill the gap, the Inter-Galactic Football League (IGFL). The IGFL is open to any team.
  • Despite low caliber of players, limited traveling ability, and a lack of security, the IGFL swells to 26 teams and is an instant hit with football fans.
  • The Fangs, a Ki-based team, are killed when a terrorist bomb destroys their team bus.
  • Tower Football Club members are killed in a freak cosmic-ray accident.
  • The IGFL swells to 32 teams. It is a great year for attendance, and a bad year for teams: four teams are lost in shipping accidents or terrorist acts.
  • Illegal search-and-seizure by GP forces continues to plague the league, resulting in harassment, beatings, and several injuries that impact game outcomes.
  • Faced with mounting deaths from unregulated IGFL teams, the Creterakians again start up the GFL.
  • GFL "team busses" are given diplomatic immunity - they cannot be stopped or searched by any GP forces.
  • The 18 former GFL teams are re-instated, and 4 IGFL teams are added to the ranks.
  • The Creterakians disband the IGFL, breaking it down into six smaller leagues that play all games within the borders of a single government. Acts of GP harassment drop considerably.
2670 The 22-team GFL enjoys a successful season without any violence.
2671 League officials are flooded with requests by teams wanting to join the GFL.
2672 The GFL reorganizes, absorbing the former IGFL teams as "Second Tier" teams.
2682 The present (The Rookie).
2683 The present (The Starter).
2684 The present (The All-Pro).
2685 The present (The MVP).

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