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The Purist Nation is an association of humans that is ideologically separate from the Planetary Union and the League of Planets. The people of the Purist Nation occupy a group of planetary holdings including Stewart, Mason, Allah, and Solomon, as well as several remote mining and food processing outposts spanning twenty light years across at its widest and taking about half a day to traverse. References to the Purist Nation are made through several of Scott Silger's novels and short stories, including The Rookie, The Crypt, Title Fight, and the sequel to The Rookie, The Starter.

The Formation

First Contact

In 2401, Humans became first interstellar ambassadors by landing on the planet Whitok and five years later, a treaty is signed and the Whitok began inhabiting Earth's waters while Earth's Humans inhabited Whitok's lands. As significant an achievement as this was, not everyone on Earth was amenable to the alien lifeforms. The result was the creation on the Purist Movement where some Humans believed the Whitokians were tools of the devil and thus should be destroyed.

The acceptance of Mason's message by his followers lead to extreme acts of violence and terrorism against the Whitokians (at first) as well as those that supported the idea of Human/Whitokian relations. The establishment of a permanent Whitokian colony on Earth in 2406 further spurred the Purists in their quest for purification under the High One. Fundamentalist groups, all sharing the common belief in the human race's superiority, banded together under the Purist Nation, and Stewart's ranks grew into the millions. As the membership of the Purist nation increased, so increased the violence toward the alien species.


In 2412, Purist movement terrorists attack a Whitokian city, killing 120 Whitokians. Following the attack, the Purist movement gained power and demanded that the "Satanic" Whitokians be removed from Earth. 23 years later, terrorist attacks on Whitok|Whitok continued to escalate. In 2431 the governments of Earth, having unsuccessfully attempted to coexist with the Purist Nation, enacted a policy of zero-tolerance toward those that committed acts of violence against alien species. This was done to pacify enraged Whitokians and heavily punished the Purist supporters. Purist terrorist groups were hunted and neutralized all over the planet. Stewart, realizing that his biggest tool for enforcing the 'message' of the Purist Nation had effectively been removed, called upon the vast wealth of his following to outfit an inter-stellar fleet. Seeing no other options, 5 million Purists flee persecution and leave Earth in search of a new home world on which to practice their religion freely. However poor technology, overcrowding, and accidents led to the loss of roughly 30 ships, and over one million lives during the long and difficult journey.


Eight years later in 2439, the Purists settle their first colony on Jason 2 and rename the planet Allah. The new colony gave the Purists a home free of Earth's cultural influences and also allowed them to begin massive re-tooling of fleet to create fighting navy. Stewart is the second planet colonized by the Purist Nation after their exodus from Earth. The planet was colonized six years after the planet Allah, in the year 2445. The planet was given the surname of the founder of the Purist movement, Mason Stewart. The Purist Nation planetary holdings goes on to include the planets Mason and Solomon, as well as several remote mining and food processing outposts such as Mining Colony VI.

Culture of War

First Holy War

In 2453, the Purists declared war on Planetary Union in the ‘’First Holy War’’. They saw the mingling of the species as abhorrent and sought to stop it. However the Purists only had twelve ships which resulted in a clumsy, short-lived war. Only a year later the Purists, fearing a retaliatory attack, sue for peace and the Union accepted.

However, bad feelings against the Planetary Union remained from the unsuccessful ‘’First Holy War’’. By 2517, the Purists took notice of the massive growth and success of Satirli 6 in both the development of colonies and its economic gains. The Purists assume Satirli 6 hated the Union and thus they invited Satirli 6 to join the Purist Nation. When Satirli 6 refused, the Purists declared war on the infidels. However in just two years, the Purists could not keep up the long distance offensive war and offered peace. Satirli 6 accepted but then joined with Wilson 4 and Wilson 6 to form the League of Planets to defend themselves against future Purist aggression. The Purist Nation’s frivolous war like nature ended in making their enemies stronger.

Second Holy War

The Purists’ dislike for the Planetary Union again pulls them into war, as the Nation saw the Union joined the Whitok Kingdom in order to fend off Sklorno attacks in the First Galactic War. The Purists saw the Union at war and declared the ‘’Second Holy War’’ on the infidels in 2521. Two years later, the war escalated as the League of Planets declared a defensive war on Purist Nation. However when the Purists got their first look at Sklorno, they immediately broke off their war with the Union and were allowed to return their ships back to their system by League of Planets. In 2535, the Planetary Union signed a treaty of friendship with Purist Nation causing the League of Planets and Whitok Kingdom voice their objections to treaty.

Battle for Tower

Bad blood between the Planetary Union and the Purists as well as a inexplicable desire by the Purists to conquer the planet Tower, led to centuries of battles and thousands of lost lives. The battles for Tower, in particular, started in the Second Galactic War and would not end until the Creterakian control of both the Planetary Union and the Purist Nation.

Creterakian Era

In 2641, the Purist Nation surrenders to the Creterakians. The Purist Nation is currently under the control of the Creterakian Empire. The Purist Nation is allowed self-rule among its citizens, and therefore enforces many of its religions ideals. However, all Purist Nation planetary holdings and outposts are occupied by Creterakian Military forces.



Purist Religion Symbol

The Purist Nation, founded on Earth by Mason Stewart in 2395, are humans that are bound together by a common religious ideal. The 'citizens' and followers of the Purist Nation (Purists) believe in one deity, referred to as the "High One", which actually is a common manifestation of the deities of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. They also believe in a "Satanic" force that they term the "Low One".

When Whitokians first made contact with Earth, many found that the proof of the existence of extra terrestrial beings conflicted with much of the teachings of the planet's major religions. Mason Stewart, an outspoken and charismatic believer that Humans were a 'superior' race, started to gather followers that shared this belief. Purists believe that Mason Stewart was a prophet and direct conduit to the High One, and therefore Stewart's word became religious doctrine. Stewart's message incorporated many themes of the planet's existing religions, with the underlying theme that Humans are indeed the superior race, and that all other races had no right to exist under the High One.


Throughout all levels of Purist Nation governement and religion corruption abounds and is very profitable. Many confirmed church members, who show their devotion by tattooing their foreheads, do so only to gain access to lucrative business dealings. The prevailing feeling among Purists is that the Holy Men will always find loopholes in their religious rules when it suits them.

One manifestation of this rule bending can be seen in the mix of races present on Buddha City Station. Buddha City orbits Allah, which is considered to be the seat of the Purist Nation. It's allowed for the different races to mix on Buddha City because the Purist Nation rules state that aliens aren't allowed on Allah. This is tolerated because even the radicals realize that the Purist Nation economy can't sustain itself without at least some official out-system trade.

Birth Rights

The Purist Nation places great weight on the family and it's connection to the church. Orphans in the Purist Nation are therefore the lowest class are considered undesirables and untouchables. Calling a person an "orphan" is tantamount to an insult. Orphans are frequently used as forced labor in the Purist Nation mining colonies. Without a family sponsor, it is nearly impossible to be confirmed as part of the Purist church. There is estimated to be about one million orphans throughout the Purist Nation, as a result of pogroms, coups, fundamentalist revolutions, and power struggles.


The radical differences in appearance between human Purists and the alien races have led to racist terms and beliefs being perpetuated. In the Purist Nation, they teach young children nursery rhymes that instruct them in ways of killing the "sub-races".



The racist term used to describe this species is Cricket, as their physiology is reminiscent of the Earth insect.

The Purist nursery rhyme for the Sklorno is as follows:

The crickets have eyes on the tops of their head

Grab them and pull them and soon they'll be dead
With Satan's soldiers don't ever be kind

They can't see to sin if you make them blind



The Purist nursery rhyme for the Harrah is as follows:

A punch in the pit, any of them will do

Grab the wings and pull down, so blessed are you
Bring up your knee, oh so so so high

Let this enemy of High One die

This move places sudden compression on the Harrah's heart, causing it to rupture.



The racist term used to describe this species is Salamader, as their physiology is reminiscent of the Earth amphibian.

The Purist nursery rhyme for the Ki is as follows:

What do I do if a Ki should attack?

I get behind him with my foot on his back
I bend him hard, his back gives a crack

Cause High One loves me and I love Him back

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