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The podcast versions of Scott Sigler's novels and short stories are usually accompanied by songs that follow the theme of the stories. This page provides a comprehensive listing of the music used in the podcasts.

Music List

Podcast Song Title Band Name
Nocturnal (Rough Draft) Remember Your Ghost Uncrowned
Infected Waking In White Lights Uncrowned
Contagious Perfect Day to Die The Transfer
Pandemic Believe in Goodbye Uncrowned
The Crypt (Book 1) This Is Usually the Part Where People Scream Alesana
Sigler Signature Series Fire! Battle! In Metal! Dream Evil
The Rookie Heaven's a Lie Lacuna Coil
The Starter Heaven's a Lie Lacuna Coil
The MVP Heaven's a Lie Lacuna Coil
The All-Pro Heaven's a Lie Lacuna Coil
The Champion Heaven's a Lie Lacuna Coil
The Reporter Heaven's a Lie Lacuna Coil
The Rider Heaven's a Lie Lacuna Coil
Ancestor (2010) Forever Infinity In This Moment
FridayFix City of Angels The Distillers
Alive Unseen Horrors Kevin McLeod
Alight Unseen Horrors Kevin McLeod
Alone Unseen Horrors Kevin McLeod
Vacation Why Bother Amps and Volts
Earthcore (2017) Amps and Volts

Research Credit

Credit is due to devoted junkie, Amy Bowen, for compiling this comprehensive list. Amy can be found on the official forums by the user name amybowen. List updated by BigJohn in 2018 with additional titles, new links, and links to youtube videos.