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To is a planet referenced in the novels The Rookie and The Rookie II: The Starter and home to portions of the Ki race.


The planet To is described as having green oceans and yellow clouds with a single continent lined with long mountain ranges. Between the mountain ranges lay massive swathes of red jungle.

Many of the planet's cities are built in domes. Many races can survive in the planet's atmosphere, such as the Ki, Quyth and Harrah. However there are several races that cannot, such as Humans. Humans could acclimate but it took a week of nausea getting used to the noxious atmosphere. The domes around the cities allowed a multispecies citizenry to interact on an otherwise unwelcoming planet.


Logo ToPirates.jpg

The stadium and home of the five time Galactic Champion To Pirates is located in the center of the city of Topath on planet To. The field's playing surface is red with black trimmed white lines. The endzones are both white with red letters trimmed in black, with one endzone reading the name TO and the other reading the name PIRATES. At the fifty yard line, the galaxy famous logo of the To Pirates was painted. Six arching towers curved in from outside the stadium. The towers are thick at the base and tapering to a point where they hovered high over the field. The towers serve as the architectural representation the hexagonal shape of a Ki mouth making the stadium appear as a giant maw.

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