To Pirates

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To Pirates
Logo ToPirates.jpg
Team Colors Blood Red
City ToPor
Planet To
System Ki Empire
Stadium Ju-Ku-Killok Shipping Stadium
Field Color Red with black-trimmed white lines
Team Owner Kirani Kollok
Founded 2658
Championships 2659-Galaxy Bowl I
2661-Galaxy Bowl III
2664-Galaxy Bowl VI
2677-Galaxy Bowl XIX
2681-Galaxy Bowl XXIII
2682 Record T1 10-2
2683 Record T1 6-6
2684 Record T1 10-2
2685 Record T1 9-3 (P)
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The To Pirates is a Galactic Football League (GFL) team in The Starter.

Historical Notes

If there is a single team that personifies the GFL around the universe, that team is the To Pirates. The all-time winngest program in the league, the Pirates own five championship trophies. The To francise has played in a league-record eight Galaxy Bowls, also losing in 2662, 2680, and 2682. Massively popular throughout the universe, it is said you can't throw a stone in a major city without hitting at least one sentient wearing the Pirates blood red. The Pirates were founded by early GFL proponent Kirani Kollok, who still owns the team to this day.


Position Starters Second String Third String
Linebacker Bob Merrell Richard Damge -
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

The team logo was created by Scott E. Pond as part of a team logo art contest held by Dark Øverlord Media.

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