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Tower also known as the "Tower 1" is the central planet in the Tower Republic.


The planet Tower appears to glow slightly from the inside when viewed from low orbit space and looked as if it were a scratched, yellow glass globe hanging against a backdrop of black space. It was a small planet measuring about two-thirds the size of Ionath but farther away from its star. The planet's smooth, yellowish surface is predominately made of ice and is lined with cracks that are hundreds of thousands of miles long. Most of Isis is submerged with only the tip protruding through the surface of the planet. The tip of the mountain city rises out of the ice and sparkles like a multi-faceted jewel when viewed from above.



The Tower Republic boasts two teams, the Tower Terrans and the Wabash Wall, that were among the original twelve Galactic Football League teams. Furthermore, the tradition of winning is perpetuated in the three GFL titles won by Tower Republic teams:

In the past decade, the Tower Republic has come on strong in producing competitive football teams. The competitive Tier II conference of the Tower Republic produced three Tier I teams: the Bartel Water Bugs, the Isis Ice Storm, and the Wabash Wolfpack.


Logo IsisIceStorm.jpg
The Isis Ice Storm Galactic Football League team has their stadium, referred to as The Fish Tank by locals, based in Isis City on the planet Tower. Like much of Isis City, the stadium is submerged in water covered by a clear dome that allows a view of the seemingly endless ocean when viewed from the feild. However, when a game was in progress, the dome allowed about 150,000 sentients, mostly Leekee to watch from the outside of the domed stadium. Three decks of seating are provided for air breathing fans and between each deck a fifteen foot high ring of glass allows liquid luxury box seats.
Depiction of Leekee
The feild is a sapphire blue with white lines. The logo of the team is painted in the middle of the feild while the endzones are painted in blazing white with Ice Storm spelled out in metalliac letters.

The Ice Storm entertain their crowd at the beginning of each game with a stadium-wide holocast that flitters the Ice Storm swordflakes around as if it were driven by wind. Holograms in chrome, white and deep blue whip around the stadium while the sound system plays a roaring wind in time with the holocast, making it a stunning visual experience.

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