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Tricky Dick is an ancillary character in the rough draft version of the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode eight of the audio version of Nocturnal.

Character Background

Tricky Dick is member of the San Francisco area cult known as Marie's Children, led by First Born. In episode eight, Dick served as an intermediary during a meeting with La Cosa Nostra mob boss Frank Lanza while First Born lingered in the shadows. During this exchange, Dick confirmed that the five murders Lanza contracted Marie's Children to complete were indeed done. He also confirms that they have handled the Yee family as requested – first the son, then the wife, leaving Johnny Yee for last. Dick and Lanza discuss payment arrangements and at that point, Dick compliments Lanza on being decisive like his grandfather. Lanza is startled by the suggestion that Dick would have known his grandfather personally which prompts Dick to suggest that he might be older than he seemed.



The character's full name is not known. He is only identified by the nickname of Tricky Dick.

Outward Appearance

Tricky Dick is described and being a short man. Frank Lanza describes him as having a disgusting visage that is covered in acne or scars left by acne. Dick dresses in a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. Dick completes the ensemble with a rumpled tan overcoat and a matching tan fedora. His manner of dress made Dick look as if he stepped out of a Sinatra movie.


Tricky Dick has a mysteriousness to his personality. He suggests that he was a child when Lanza's grandfather was alive. Considering Lanza's grandfather passed away in 1937, Dick could be close to 70 years old. It has not yet been revealed how this may be possible. Dick also displays an archaic manner of speaking, harkening back to the 1920's era.

Dick displays a very business like demeanor which falls in line with his occupation of being a mercenary. As part of Marie's Children, it can be assumed that Tricky Dick is one of the best hit men in the world. After his meeting with Lanza, Dick also shows the trademark ability of the Marie's Children members to melt into the shadows and disappear.

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