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Tuesday Terror is a fan generated anthology podcast based in the Siglerverse and is managed by the Producer of Døøm, Arioch Morningstar.


Following in the footsteps of the now defunct Junkie Mae's Chop Shop, Tuesday Terror was created as a means to foster fan fiction set in the worlds created by Scott Sigler. Fans are free to explore and expand on any of Scott's works or any of his characters. Stories are then submitted to Arioch Morningstar who records them and distributes them every other Tuesday through his blog on Scott Sigler's official website.

Episode Downloads

Episode Number Download Link Podcast Date Title Author Junkie Name
Episode 1 Download February 20 7, 2011 The Tot Tales: A Very Tweedy Christmas & Triangle Victim David Dysart & Kate Cheevers Avi & phantomreverie
Episode 2 Download March 8, 2011 Neighbors Eddy Jones ThMaggot
Episode 3 Download March 22, 2011 Loyalty Part 1 Renee Jordan PerfectDayForDying
Episode 4 Download April 5, 2011 Turnover Christiana Ellis & Tee Morris
Episode 5 Download April 20, 2011 Loyalty Part 2 Renee Jordan PerfectDayForDying
Hijacked Episode Download May 3, 2011 Blood is Red Scott Sigler scottsigler
Episode 6 Download May 18, 2011 Lefty and the Boxcar Part 1 Steven Gomez Pilsner
Episode 7 Download May 31, 2011 Lefty and the Boxcar Part 2 Steven Gomez Pilsner
Episode 8 Download June 14, 2011 Perry Dawsey, Are You Okay? Part 1 Adrienne Boock ogreoregon
Episode 9 Download June 28, 2011 Perry Dawsey, Are You Okay? Part 2 Adrienne Boock ogreoregon

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