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Gmork rocking the Krakens Jersey

Never having been a fan of the horror genre, I was pleasantly surprised by the entertainment value of Scott Sigler's novels. I came on board with the novel Ancestor and loved it so much that I went back and listened to EarthCore. Since then, I have devoured just about every other work of Scott's and am in the throes of Nocturnal with high hopes for the surprises that it may hold.

Currently, I am having quite a bit of fun applying my familiarity with Scott's novel Ancestor to updating this Wiki and encourage any other fans to give it a try and contribute.


I am an voracious reader with a wide and eclectic taste. Along with enjoying a good read, I also enjoy collecting books and currently have a little over 2,000 books in my collection. The cornerstone of my collection being a 52 book set comprising the 1938 printing of the Harvard Classics.


With both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree, I am at the point in my life where I don't want to see another structured class ever again....not even a cooking class. God bless anyone who has ever completed a PhD program!


My work life centers on the financial industry and the impact of fraud risk on said industry. I get the chance to think like a baddie but live with a clear conscious. Needless to say, working in fraud risk compels me to own a very large and very powerful paper shredder (yikes).

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