Virak the Mean

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Virak the Mean
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Linebacker
Species Quyth
Fan Name No

Virak the Mean is a secondary protagonist in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Virak is one of the three starting linebackers for the Krakens and the prime example of the Quyth warrior shown in the book. Virak is Quentin Barnes's main source of information on the Quyth and their colonies.

Prior to the Ionath Krakens

The Deuce

While not much is mentioned about Virak prior to his time with the Krakens, Virak was born on the Quyth space station known as the Deuce. While his exact date of birth is not given, one can surmise he was born during the fourth galactic war when the Creterakians were attempting to take over the Deuce. Virak is shown as being very proud of the Quyth defense of Deuce. Parroting the phrase "Freedom isn't Free" Virak tells stories how he and his Quyth warrior brethren fought off the invading Creterakians by any means necessary; this included destroying parts of the station with nuclear weapons to prevent the Creterakians gaining a foothold on the station.

Tier three Ball

Again no additional information is given regarding Virak's experience in the tier three league of the GFL. It is clearly stated that it is Virak's experience with tier three ball which gains him a position on the Ionath Krakens.

Working for the Splithead

At some point in his life Virak was taken into the employ of Gredok the Splithead who he considers his Shamakath. Acting as a bodyguard to Greedok, Virak is seen as more than capable employee accompanying Greedok as he seeks out new players for the Ionath Krakens. It is during his employ with Gredok that his past experience with Tier 3 ball came to the attention of the coach of the Krakens Hokor the Hook-Chest.

With The Krakens


Virak is now the Left Outside Linebacker for the Ionath Krakens. Wearing number 58, Virak is known for his agility and strength and is one of the best defensive weapons the Krakens have with the possible exception of John Tweedy.

Conflicts of Interest

In Quyth Culture Warriors are usually very loyal to their Shamakath. Virak is no exception to this role which leads to several ethical conflicts between his loyalty to Greedok, and to those on his team. In one instance, where Donald Pine is found to have been throwing games for one of Greedok's subordinates to pay off a gambling debt, Greedok decides to side with Quentin and the Ionath Krakens against his Shamakath. Despite the situation being handled by Quentin Barnes, Everything is discovered by Greedok who asks for Virak to commit ritual suicide for his betrayal. Were it not for the selfless and quick thinking actions of Quentin Virak would have chosen this path.

Events of Title Fight

Bodyguard of the Splithead

Despite his success on the playing field, Virak is still required to act as a bodyguard or Hitman for Gredok the Splithead. During the brief off-season before the Krakens' Tier 1 season was to begin, gredok had Virak, with his fellow linebacker Choto the Bright, working to fix a fight between Chiyal "The Heretic" North and the IFA Champion Korak the Cutter.

Throughout the Novella, both Virak and Choto attack, unsuccessfully, both Chiyal and Korak. This is to be expected as both fighters are trained and modded to be the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy. Yet Virak was still able to nearly fatally wound Korak when the fighter tried to interfere on a planned assault on Chiyal albeit with several bullets to the heart.

Korak would recover from his wounds and wanted to continue the fight. Virak was instrumental in allowing this to happen as Virak fought against the ring officials to allow Korak into the ring. Yet despite these accomplishments, both Virak and Choto can't wait for football season to start again.

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