Wabash Wolfpack

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Wabash Wolfpack
Logo WabashWolfpack.jpg
Team Colors Red & White
City Wabash
Planet Fortress
System Tower Republic
Stadium Wabash Stadium
Field Color Cream with black lines
Team Owner Gloria Ogawa
Founded 2658
Championships 2669-Galaxy Bowl XI
2683-Galaxy Bowl XXV
2682 Record T1 9-3
2683 Record T1 8-4
2684 Record T1 10-2
2685 Record T1 7-5
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The Wabash Wolfpack is a Galactic Football League (GFL) team who is a major rival to the competing Ionath Krakens. The Wolfpack plays an important role in the main storyline of sequel to The Rookie, entitled The Starter.

Historical Notes

Wabash is one of the founding franchises of the GFL, and one of the few teams that has never fallen to the lower Tiers as of 2682. In addition, Wasbash has never had a losing season. 2682 also marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Wabash franchise which has a tradition of winning that covers two and a half decades. Gloria Ogawa, along with Kirani Kollok, was instrumental in the league's founding in 2658. This year Wabash changed its nickname from "The Wall" to "The Wolfpack" to honor a dedicated group of fans. Wabash has one championship trophy from Galaxy Bowl XI, in which the Wall defeated the Wilson 4 Warp. Wabash's other championship game appearance came against the Ionath Krakens in Galaxy Bowl VII, which the Krakens won 23-21 on a last second field goal.

The Wolfpack is a Tier 1 team within the Tower League, which is part of the Planet Division. The Planet Division also includes:

  • Quyth Irradiated League
  • Ki League (Ki, former Ki Rebellion planets)
  • Harrah League
  • Sklorno League
Team Species / League Source of Name Team Colors
Alimum Armada Sklorno / Sklorno Dynasty Sklorno Mob Boss on Planet Yall Royal Blue, White, Gold, Green & Teal
Coranadillana Cloudkillers Harrah / Harrah Tribal Accord Harrah Mob boss on planet Satah Light Yellow & Blue dots
Hittoni Hullwalkers Human / League of Planets Human City on planet Baker 6 Purple, Red& White
Ionath Krakens
*promoted from Tier 2*
Quyth/ Quyth Concordia Indigenous Animal Orange & Black
Isis Ice Storm Leekee / Tower Mob boss on planet Paragon Dark Blue, Chrome & White
Lu Juggernauts Ki / Ki Empire Planet Lu Steel-Blue & Gold
Mars Planets Human / Planetary Union Planet in Earth system Blue & Yellow
Themala Dreadnaughts Quyth / Quyth Concordia City on planet Whitok Brown, Red & Yellow
To Pirates Ki / Ki Planet To Blood Red
Sala Intrigue Quyth / Quyth Mob boss on planet Whitok Green & Gold
Wabash Wolfpack Tower / Tower City on planet Fortress Red & White
Yall Criminals Sklorno/ Sklorno Planet Yall Purple & White

Team Name

The team was formerly known as the Wabash Wall until the name was changed by team owner Gloria Ogawa. The announcement of the change was made all over the galaxy on January 3, 2683, as renowned sports announcer, Chick McGee, reported it on Sportscenter. The team owner indicated that the change was made in honor of the die hard fans.

The name change was an unusual move, as the Wabash Wall was one of the original twelve teams that founded the GFL in 2658, and had not moved from their home city of Wabash on planet Fortress. However the change was permitted by the league, despite the efforts of GFL Commissioner Rob Froese who originally vetoed the change. The team had the support of nearly all the active Tier 1 owners, with the exception of Gredok the Splithead, owner of the Ionath Krakens and bitter rivals of the Wabash Wall.



Position Name
Head Coach Alan Roark


Position Name
Quarterback Rich Bennett
Tight End Alexander van Houten
Fullback Ralph Schmeer
Running Back John Ellsworth


Position Name
Defensive Tackle Stephen Gosford

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