Wasp-Like Aliens

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The Wasp-Like Aliens (The Wasp), are a mysterious and violent sentient race that have existed in the galaxy thousands of years before the events of EarthCore and at least through too the events of The Crypt.


The Wasp have long thick black limbs with joints reminiscent to that of an earth Wasp, the limbs end in multi-color spikes. Their heads are lumpy and adorned with multicolored spikes that match the color of the spikes on their limbs. It is unknown what different colored spikes mean for different wasps. At their largest they are over 8 feet tall.


The Wasp have advance robotics skills and have constructed statues able to do complex tasks like food preparation. It is unknown when the Wasp developed Punch Drive technology, or even if they have those capabilities. We do know however, that the Wasp have incredible cloaking technology along with teleportation, force fields, and holographic capabilities.

In the novel EarthCore, the history of the Rocktopi race depicted the Wasp as having the technilogical capability to destroy a planet.


The Wasp are a vicious race that hunt and devour other sentient races for food. Though the Sklorno also engage in eating sentient beings, they limit themselves to cannibalism and even at that point it is a part of their culture and accepted by all Sklorno. The Wasp however show little regard for the other races that they devour.

They were strong enough and fierce enough to strike fear in the Rocktopi, causing them to flee for thousands of years from the Wasp.

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