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Whitok is a planet in the Quyth Concordia and one of the few planets in the known galaxy not under the control of the Creterakian empire. Whitok is also the home of the Bigg Diggers a Tier 2 GFL Football team.


Whitok has a history which is similar to that of Ionath. Whitok is actually the home planet of the Whitok people until the First Galactic War where in 2524, the Sklorno used relativity bombs on the planet. Sending fifty dense projectiles at near light speed, The projectiles struck the surface of the planet with enough force to puncture the planet's core and blast out the other side. This incredibly violent act killed all life within thousands of miles from both the entry and exit points. The shock to the planet was enough to destabilize the molten nickel and iron core causing massive tectonic movements on the surface of the planet. Whatever life which had survived the impact, would die in the upcoming years as volcanic activity and massive quakes would rock the surface of the planet for decade. Poisonous gases filled atmosphere rendering the planet uninhabitable. It would be seventy-five years before the surface would regain even moderate stability. It was estimated that perhaps another five-hundred years might be necessary for the crust to become completely dormant. The saturation bombing using relativity bombs was so destructive to the planet Whitok that relativity bombs were never used again. They were so destructive they even scared the Sklorno. Ironically, it is this resulting destructive and poisonous environment which allowed the Quyth to successfully defend Whitok from the planet during the Creterakian takeover.

From space, Whitok's upper atmosphere appeared to be a lime green color. However, upon entering the atmosphere, it becomes evident that the soupy air and all encompassing cloud cover is actually a sulfurous yellow color that is made to appear green because of the light from the blue sun at the center of the Whitok system reflecting against the outer atmosphere of the planet. The ubiquitous cloud cover causes the sun to fade away at the surface of the planet, leaving Whitok in a perpetual twilight. Lightening miles long illuminates the clouds in explosions of light. This prevalent darkness has been the current state of the planet for nearly 150 years, since the saturation bombing by the Sklorno.

Volcanoes spew noxious gases into the atmosphere and earthquakes were a frequent and daily occurrence. Every building, including the stadium in Port Whitok rested on mag-grav suspension system as did the streets and any utilities such as pipes, power transmitters and atmosphere processors.

Port Whitok

Despite being one of the harshest environments in the known galaxy the Quyth have been able to establish thriving domed cities. Perhaps the most important is Port Whitok which at the time of the novel is only sixty-one years old. Built after the successes of Ionath and Gritchlik, Quyth pioneers landed on the planet exactly fifty-one years after the saturation bombing. It would be another fifty years until the establishment of Port Whitok which would allow large landing craft to land on the surface. Built in the center of a tectonic plate, Port Whitok has a relative amount of safety from the quakes that continue to rock the planet. The layout and buildings look very similar to the layout of Ionath City as it was built after the success on Ionath. It also had domed cities with spoke-like streets radiating out from the stadium at the center of the city. Nearly 1.2 million Quyth lived outside the domed protected of Port Whitok.

EA&M Stadium

Logo BigDiggers.jpg

EA&M stadium is even larger than the Stadium on Ionath. Home to the Bigg Diggers, it has a seating capacity for 181,500 sentients. EA&M stadium has a pale yellow playing surface with black lines and numbers. The plant that makes up the field is considered to be oily making for poor traction and stained uniforms. As the surface of planet is perpetually darkened from the gases released into the atmosphere, it is said that beings on Whitok take football very seriously.

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