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Wilson 6 is a founding member of the League of Planets.


Wilson 6 participated in the formation of the League of Planets just before the First Galactic War in 2519, when Satirli 6, Wilson 4 and Wilson 6 joined forces to defend themselves against Purist Nation aggression.



Wilson 6 is the home of three Galactic Football League teams, the New Rodina Astronauts, the Jang Atom Smashers and the Wilson 6 Physicists. The teams from New Rodina and Jang boast a deep history in football, with the Jang Atom Smashers being founded in 1960, tracing its roots back to the ancient American Football League of Earth and the New Rodina Astronauts being one of the original twelve Galactic Football League teams. Furthermore, the tradition of winning is perpetuated in the two GFL titles won by Wilson 6 teams:


The fringe bloodsport known as Dinolition was also popular on Wilson 6. The


GFL Stadiums

The New Rodina Astronauts Galactic Football League team has their stadium, the New Rodina Coliseum, based in the city New Rodina on Wilson 6. The team is owned by the Jungbauer Beer magnate, Barbara Jungbauer.

Jang Atom Smashers

The Jang Atom Smashers Galactic Football League team has their stadium, the Jang War Memorial Stadium, based in the city of Jang on Wilson 6.

Dinolition Stadium

Dinolition events were held at the Smithex arena, near the city of New Rodina. The arena had a 40,000 sentient capacity with a field that was larger and rounder than football field. Usually the arena was used for the obscure sport of Cricket.

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