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The M-66T combat tank, also known as a "Big Harvey," is a close-combat support vehicle in the for the Planetary Union Marines. It is designed for ship-to-ship combat and can assume multiple roles:

  • Ship destruction
  • Infantry destruction
  • Boarding party escort
  • Search & Rescue (limited capacity)


  • One Class D battery in a bottom-mounted turret
  • One Class E battery in a top-mounted turret
  • Twin-tube superposed load front-mounted cannon
  • Point defense system


The Big Harvey has a crew of five:

  • Commander
  • Top Gunner
  • Bottom Gunner
  • Pilot
  • Systems/Navigator (a.k.a., the "Sinner).

Story Appearances

Appearance in THE TANK, a short story set in The Rookie universe, circa the time of The Crypt