Bryan Clauser

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Bryan Clauser
Book(s) Nocturnal
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Occupation Homicide Detective
Species Human
Fan Name Yes

Bryan Clauser is a San Francisco Homicide Detective and main protagonist in the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. He is also the partner "Pookie" Chang. When introduced in the rough draft podcast version of the novel, Bryan has been having violent and disturbing dreams about attacking high school bullies that fill him with a sense of dread that can only be assuaged by drawing a particular symbol.

Character Background

Bryan's apartment complex

Bryan is a native of San Francisco raised by a single father in the neighborhood of Outer Sunset. Although a native of the area, Bryan dislikes the multitude of hills, ridiculous rent, and difficulty of buying a house. Also Bryan dislikes what he considers the pretentious and fake nature of the local citizenry.

As a SFPD Homicide Detective, Bryan works an overnight shift from 5pm to 2am from the first day on the job a decade ago. His shift overlaps his partner’s shift by seven hours as "Pookie" Chang works from noon to midnight. During the overlap Bryan and Pookie work together and when not overlapped they work solo. They have been partners for 6 years.

Bryan is also the ex-boyfriend of SFPD Medical Examiner, Robin Hudson.



The character’s full name is Bryan Clauser. In the novel Nocturnal, Bryan is referred to by a couple of nicknames. His partner sometimes refers to him as Bry-bry. Among his colleagues in the Police department, Bryan is known as The Ninja. This nickname was earned because Bryan:

  • Had a tendency to wear all black
  • Moved like a shadow with quiet footsteps that made no noise
  • Killed 3 men in the line of duty over the last 10 years

Outward Appearance

Click to enlarge

Bryan is known to dress in all-black clothing and black shoes. He also carries a cache of weapons on his person including a 40 caliber Smith & Wesson 4006 in a bianchi tuxedo holster, an SOG Twitch XL knife in a forearm sheath, two 11 round magazines, handcuffs, and a C-Camp LWS 32, which is a 32 caliber pistol so small it fits in an imitation wallet that he keeps in his back left pants pocket.

The image to the left is an artist's computer assisted rendering of a "person of interest", that may or may not be Bryan Clauser, as described by several witnesses at the hospital incident (see police report for details).


Artists sketch of Bryan Clauser as "the Savior"

On a personal note, Bryan enjoys relaxing on the roof of his apartment complex, often watching the city come to life at dusk. He is known to leave his mugs on the railing of the rooftop until there are five or six of them before clearing them away. He enjoys watching the Sci-Fi channel and sometimes falls asleep to creature features.

In regards to his job, Bryan approaches being a Homicide Detective as a personal challenge. He feels less like a detective and more like a hunter pursuing perpetrators of the ultimate violation of human life. His colleagues regard him as a machine - methodical, calculating and patient. Once he latchs onto a suspect he brings them down no matter what it takes. He is also described as showing little outward emotion.

Bryan is considered notorious due to the three people he killed while in the line of duty, therefore everyone on the force knows of him. All three killings involved a hostage situation where another cop was in serious trouble. These situations resulted in Bryan saving the lives of three people: Pookie, John Smith and Tonda Murphy. The killings as well as the fact that Bryan works the overnight shift, often alone, gives him an air of toughness among his colleagues.

Bryan is a good friend with his partner Pookie, who respects and trusts Bryan’s instincts, knowing that once his mind is made up he is certain. However, there was a deeper reason for Pookie’s trust in Bryan. Years earlier, Bryan saved Pookie’s life when he was being held hostage. This trust is what causes Pookie to try to figure out the connection between Bryan’s dreams and the murders instead of turning-in Bryan as the main suspect.


Bryan is considered as fine a detective as the SFPD has on its force and is skilled at catching the criminals he pursues.

Fan Based Character

The character of Bryan Clauser is named for the devoted junkie by the same name. His appearance as the main character in Nocturnal was a prize awarded by Sigler in the Share the Pain contest cross-promoted with J.C. Hutchins.

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