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This is a listing of novellas co-written by Scott Sigler.

At present, all novellas are part of the Galactic Football series of books, and provide additional information to support and supplement those stories.

The novellas fit into the chronology as follows:

Time Period Story Type Story name Co-Author
June 13, 2682–December 26, 2682 Novel The Rookie n/a
December 12, 2682–December 20, 2682 Novella Title Fight Matt Wallace
January 2, 2683–May 22, 2683 Novel The Starter n/a
March 2683–March 2684 Novella The Detective Matt Wallace
August 14, 2683–May 11, 2684 Novel The All-Pro n/a
August 14, 2683–September 4, 2683 Novella The Rider Paul E. Cooley
February 11, 2684–March 2, 2684 Novella The Reporter Mur Lafferty
TBD Novella The Reef Matt Wallace
May 11, 2684–May 17, 2685 Novel The MVP n/a
May 17, 2685–May 20, 2686 Novel The Champion n/a
TBD Novella The Killer J.C. Hutchins
TBD Novel The Gangster n/a
TBD Novel GFL Book VII n/a
TBD Novel GFL Book VIII n/a

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