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Pantheon of Siglerism

This page of terminology contains all the elements of the mythos that is Sigler. This lexicon is a comprehensive collection of the unique language necessary to navigate the world of Scott Sigler. While many of these terms are familiar to Junkies, newer fans should to refer to this collection of terms in order to achieve maximum enjoyment of the Siglerverse.

-- A --

A term used to refer to the eventual world domination by author Scott Sigler

-- B --

-- C --

A ubiquitous term in the Siglerverse that refers to the serialized podcast episodes authored by Scott Sigler.
Points rewarded to active users for each forum post.
Special designation applied to super junkies who have supported Sigler and his work in the past.
(see also Junkie Badges)

-- D --

-- E --

A term used to describe episodes of EarthCore by various hardcore Sigler fans.
  • Evil Queen
An affectionate term used to lovingly describe Sigler's better half.

-- F --

An acronym standing for Future Dark Overlord and an alter-ego of Scott Sigler.
A term used by many junkies to describe the podcast episodes (see also EarthCrack).
A general science fiction term for Faster-Than-Light (speed) also used in The Rookie.

-- G --

The highest military official in charge of the advancement of Sigler's world domination and an alter-ego of Scott Sigler.
The top secret hotline number to speak directly to Scott Sigler's voicemail.

-- H --

A Human born and raised on a planet with 1.5 to 2 times the gravity of Earth.

-- I --

-- J --

The most dedicated of Sigler fans.
Badges or tags used in conjunction with junkie names on the forum at

-- K --

-- L --

-- M --

The pinnacle of titles that a Junkie can achieve in the Siglerverse.
(see also Junkie Badges)

-- N --

-- O --

-- P --

The main cleric in charge of the Church of Siglerism and an alter-ego of Scott Sigler.
Phrase, coined by Scott Sigler to refer to his novels being released in podcast form rather than being released through traditional print media
Refers to the technology that allows for interstellar travel
A junkie that goes the extra mile to ensure the advancement of Siglerism.

-- Q --

One of the major species of The Rookie Universe.

-- R --

An acronym for 'Roller Derby Queen' referring to Crack Pack member, Mae Brakeall.
Mysterious figures in the story of Nocturnal.

-- S --

Special designation for those who the FDO consults with on a book.
(see also Junkie Badges)
A term used in the novel The Rookie which refers to a compulsory, multiple day event for any new GFL player transferring from Tier 3 to Tier 2 and takes place at The Combine
Quyth word for "leader"; used in the novel The Rookie
A term, also known as the S.H.I.T. award, is bestowed upon the most fervent and dedicated Junkie's in the Siglerverse
The state of intense pleasure gained from finishing a book authored by Scott Sigler
the pain and anguish felt by fans as they anticipate the next Scott Sigler creation
A thing which does not exist
A term used to describe the universe as conceived by author Scott Sigler
One of the major species of The Rookie Universe.
An acronym for 'Super-secret Mission of Death'.
The name of the collective group of Scott Sigler fans, known as Junkies.
An alter-ego of Scott Sigler.
A term used in novel The Rookie to point out the Races ruled by the Creterakians

-- T --

An ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal.
A term used for a starship designed to carry a Galactic Football team from one planet to another
A contraction of "Technological Retard".

-- U --

-- V --

-- W --

-- X --

-- Y --

-- Z --