Choto the Bright

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Choto the Bright
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Eight
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Linebacker
Species Quyth
Fan Name No

Choto the Bright is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Choto is one of the three starting linebackers for the Krakens. He is one of the two Quyth warriors whom Quentin regularly interacts with in the The Rookie

Prior to the Ionath Krakens

The Ace and Family

While not much is mentioned about Choto prior to his time with the Krakens, Choto was born on the Quyth space station known as the Ace. The Ace is the largest artificial construct in the known galaxy and which Choto believes a perfect analogy for the Quyth race itself: " can't kill it, you can't replace it, and you can't stop it..."

Choto's Family owns a restaurant on the Ace called the Dead Fly which specializes in Quyth Cuisine. After the victory over the Orbiting Death, The Krakens used the Dead Fly as a celebration spot and later became the meeting place for the Krakens to organize the smuggling operation to pay off Donald Pine's Gambling debt.

With The Krakens


Choto is now the Right Outside Linebacker for the Ionath Krakens. Choto wears the Number 54.

Events of Title Fight

Bodyguard of the Splithead

Despite his success on the playing field, Choto is still required to act as a bodyguard or Hitman for Gredok the Splithead. During the brief off-season before the Krakens' Tier 1 season was to begin, Gredok had Choto, with his fellow linebacker Virack the Mean, working to fix a fight between Chiyal "The Heretic" North and the IFA Champion Korak the Cutter.

Throughout the Novella, both Choto and Virack attack, unsuccessfully, both Chiyal and Korak. This is to be expected as both fighters are trained and modded to be the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy. In fact, Choto's encounter with Chiyal left the Krakens' Linebacker with a broken leg. The damage was considered so great that, if it were not for Dr. Patah's blackmailed assistance, Choto might not be ready for the Krakens' opener against the Isis Ice Storm. It reamins to be seen if this injury will have any effect on Choto's upcoming season.

Choto was instrumental in allowing the championship fight to happen as Choto fought against the ring officials to allow Korak into the ring. Yet despite these accomplishments, both Choto and Virack can't wait for football season to start again.

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