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Crack is a ubiquitous term in the Siglerverse that refers to the serialized podcast episodes authored by Scott Sigler.


The introduction of podcast technology led to the ability to release serialized material to a world wide audience. Leveraging this technology, Sigler released EarthCore as the world's first podcast-only novel. Released in twenty weekly episodes, EarthCore harkened back to the days of serialized radio fiction. Anticipation of a new weekly episode became the topic of much discussion amongst the growing audience for Sigler's material.


EarthCrack is the term used to describe EarthCore by various hardcore Sigler fans. The term became popular because the episodic nature of the podcast, rife with cliffhangers, caused the fans of EarthCore to express their intense craving for new episodes as an analogy to that of an addicted illicit drug user.


The introduction of new material, such as the original podcast version of Ancestor, led to the need of a more common term to refer to the pain and anguish felt by fans as they anticipated the next epsiode to be released by Sigler. This caused the term EarthCrack to evolve to the term fix.


The natural progression of the analogy of Sigler fans to addictied druggies was, of course, to refer to these fans as Junkies. Junkies became a common term to refer to rabid fans of Sigler's podcast work. As Sigler has moved into the traditional book publishing space, the term has also been applied to his print material.

The term Junkie can also be used collectively in describing certain dastardly deeds or calls to the Gore Line. Examples of this application would be to refer to fans as "Damn Dirty Junkies" or "Dirty Little Junkies" (if Sigler is feeling saucy).

Junkie Badges are also assigned to Junkies for their service to promoting Siglerism and alternately for being selected as a character in one of Sigler's works.


Scott Sigler has been known to bestow the Siglerism Heroic Infected Titan (S.H.I.T) award on Junkie's whose actions portray the ultimaste in loyal and sacrifice to furthering the cause of Siglerism.

Forum Use

Crack Hits

With the introduction of forums at, came the concept of rewarding active participation by granting five Crack Hits for each post a user made. Any user logged in to their profile will therefore earn Crack Hits while anonymous posting will not.

Users may also gift their earned Crack Hits to other users for any reason they see fit, such as for rewards, jokes, lecanomancy, etc.

Currently, Crack Hits are solely for bragging rights, however suggestions have been taken for ideas on how Crack Hits could be used in furture. Some suggestions include special prizes, special forum access, advance notice of events, etc. There is also an rumor that users with a large amount of Crack Hits are chosen to have their names used as characters in the FDO's stories, however this information is classified.


There are two definitions for a Pusher in the Siglerverse:

1) Original definition - A junkie that goes the extra mile to ensure that many others know about Scott Sigler.
Described by Sigler as fans that, "wanted to go beyond just being strung out on podcast fiction; fans that wanted to help in my quest for world domination."
2) A junkie who has reached 3,000 Crack Hits on the forums at
These junkies receive an email from the site congratulating them on achieve the Pusher status.

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