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DOMREC Insignia
DOMREC is a military acronym meaning Domestic Reaction Battalion. It is used in reference to an elite team of fighters who played an important part of the story development in the novels Infected and Contagious by author Scott Sigler.

History of X-ray Company, DOMREC

This unit began as the Bravo Company 1-187th Infantry Battalion, Leader Rakkasans, which was an element of the Third Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division out of Ft Campbell, Kentucky. They drew the short straw as the Division Ready Force (DRF) in Infected.

128 soldiers under the command of Lt Colonel Charles Ogden , dropping to 120 by the time of battle 3. Ogden was promoted to full Colonel between battles 1 and 3.

Between battles 1 and 3, the unit was redesiginated as X-Ray Company, Domestic Reaction Battalion (The Exterminators).

Domrec Patches are sold out. There were exactly 100 of these patches produced. Scott has 2 in his office.

Key Team Members

As previously mentioned, DOMREC is comprised of over 100 members, however there are a select few who deserve to be highlighted. The key players within The Exterminators are:

Name Position
Charlie Ogden Colonel, Head of the Exterminators
Jeff Cope Corporal, Communication's Officer
Lucas Mazagadi Sgt. Major, NCO
David Lodge Captain
Devon "Nails" Neilson Sgt. Major


It is noteworthy that all members of DOMREC have at least the following awards:

Combat Infantry Badge
Parachute Basic (probably Sr Parachutist)
Combat Action Badge
Air Assault
National Defense Service Medal
Army Presidential Unit Citation (Ribbon)
Army Valorous Unit Citation
Army Meritorious Unit Citation
Army Superior Unit Award

Additionally, based on their combat experience it is believed that some soldiers will have SCUBA Diver accolades and most will be Expert Marksman with 1 or more weapons. Also, the team is likely to have a sprinkling of Purple Hearts, Silver and Bronze Stars. Members of DOMREC would also wear standard ribbons for the left and right sides of their uniforms. Images of these ribbons, as well as a few of the aforementioned are listed below:

Ribbons over the left pocket of the uniform
Ribbons over the right pocket of the uniform
Metal scuba badge worn on the uniform

Battle history

Battle 1

56 triangles killed

Bravo Company - 8 dead, 12+ wounded

Battle 2

>56 triangles killed

X-ray Company - 12 dead, unknown wounded

Battle 3

>7 triangles

  • 2 captured
  • 1 killed by James Eager
  • 5 Died jumping into flames

X-Ray Company - No losses

Team Insignia

Main Patch
The main team insignia patch is worn on the right shoulder, top to the shoulder seam, centered. Each participant of one of the battles above is allowed a small black triangle under the shoulder patch.
Kill Progression
The image on the left reflects an example of the Triangle patches awarded for battle kills. The triangles are equilateral triangles ½ inch tall. Triangles are one triangle height below the shoulder patch and 1 triangle width apart, centered under the shoulder patch. One white “x” is placed in the triangle for each triangle killed in battle.
Patch with Kills Example
The image on the left reflects an example of the Main or Base patch as it would look when a solider was awarded seven kills (black triangle patches below main patch). This level of patch would have been awarded to James Eager.