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Daniel "Danny" Lundy is a character in the novel The All-Pro by author Scott Sigler. The All-Pro is the sequel to the previously published novels, The Rookie and The Starter.

Fan depiction of Danny Lundy by Scott E. Pond (All Rights Reserved)

Character Background

Danny Lundy is the a sports agents who represents many high caliber Galactic Football League players as well as some lower caliber Dinolition athletes. In 2682, Lundy negotiated a large contract for Ionath Krakens Middle Linebacker John Tweedy. In 2684, Ionath Krakens third string Quarterback, Yitzhak Goldman suggests Lundy to Quentin Barnes for his upcoming contract renegotiation with Gredok the Splithead. As Lundy also represented Goldman, he accompanied Quentin to his initial meeting with Lundy and introduced them to each other.


Outward Appearance

Lundy is a Cetacean, or more commonly known as a Dolphin. However, Lundy's skin wasn't gray like a common Dolphin, rather it was modified. The base color was probably originally white, but a sheen of reds, yellows, oranges, blues and greens made him look like a moist, streamlined rainbow. He was harnessed into a sliver chassis that wrapped around the front and back of his bejeweled dorsal fin and also around the base of his tail. A jeweled cable ran from the harness in front of his fin up and into a metal jack just behind his blow hole. Four thin, strong, silver leg cables extended from the underside of the harness, supporting Lundy’s weight and letting him walk. Two more silvery protrusions connected to the sides of his foremost harness circle — these looked like thin, sculptured Human arms that ended in metallic, Human-looking hands. The harness contraption allowed Lundy to walk around upright, standing at least seven feet from nose to tail. Without the harness, Lundy was estimated to weigh at least three hundred pounds. Luny's mechanical rig sprayed a fine mist onto his rainbow skin, allowing Lundy the moisture his skin required without being confined to a submerged tank.

Lindy's natural voice was a mix of low-volume mumbling, chitters and squeaks combined with a louder, dominant tone which was run through a vocal adaptor. Similar to Doc Patah, the vocal adaptor turned Lundy's natural sounds into flawless English words that rang with easy confidence. Lundy's laugh was a somewhat disturbing combination of barking squeals.


Lundy is a hard nosed negotiator with the ability to go toe to toe with league owners. He is not intimidated by the fact that many of the league owners are gangsters and when asked by Quentin how he planned on negotiating with a gangster, Lundy replied,

“Simple, guy. We fight fire with fire. We put him in a bidding war with other gangsters that can also have sentients killed whenever they feel like it.”

As a Cetacean, Lundy is proud of the fact that his species is known for being adept at business negotiations. He promises Quentin personal service and dedication that can't be matched by a Ki or Human or an other species. In fact, Lundy goes so far as to say to Quentin,

"You sign with me, I’m not just an agent — I’m your protector, your champion, the sentient that knocks the living hell out of everything that opposes you. I’m unstoppable, unflappable and far from a gamble. Others might tell you they will land you the contract you deserve? Not me, guy. Danny Lundy gets you the contract that you’ve earned.”

Also, Lundy let out hisses from his blow hole to show annoyance.

Fan Based Character

Fan dozier1375.gif

The character of Daniel Lundy is named after the devoted junkie by the same name and whose avatar is pictured at the left. This dedicated junkie can be found as an active member on the official Scott Sigler website forums under the user name of dozier1375.

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