Galactic Football League (series)

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Galactic Football League (series)

This article is about the series of novels and novellas centered around the Galactic Football League. For information about the league itself, see Galactic Football League


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Set approximately 700 years in the future, the GFL series tells the story of an orphaned wunderkind, Quentin Barnes, who uses his innate talents as a leader in gridiron to overcome racial bias and unite the galaxy against an impending invasion force.

Creterakian control – discuss political setting, different governments, how the bats took over to save us from ourselves.


Main characters

(maybe only POV characters here?)

  • Quentin Barnes
  • Gredok the Splithead
  • John Tweedy
  • Ju Tweedy
  • Don Pine

Supporting characters

  • Quentin’s entourage (Choto, Kimberlin, Becca)
  • Froese
  • CoQB heads
  • Quentin’s teammates

Additional characters

  • Sports reporters
  • Reference book authors
  • Team owners
  • Significant opponents (Ryan Nossek, Condor Adrienne, Ciudad Juarez)


Stories in the GFL Era
Story Year Story Name Publication Year
2682 The Rookie 2009
2682 Title Fight 2012
2683 The Starter 2010
2683-2684 The Detective 2012
2684 The All-Pro 2011
2683 The Rider 2016
2684 The Reporter 2012
2684 The Reef 2019
2685 The MVP 2012
2686 The Champion 2014
2687 The Stone Wolves 2021
2687 The Gangster 2021

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The Rookie

Main page:The Rookie
  • Quentin scouted by Krakens, offered contract to move him up into Tier 2
  • Q goes to the combine and meets his other fellow rookies
  • Q is resistant to coaching, but is failing at understanding the team dynamic after having dominated in a single-species iteration of the game. He feels the starting role is his right, and is resentful of starting QB Don Pine
  • Don Pine attempts to mentor Q, but Q is resistant
  • When given the opportunity to get some playing time, Q becomes too self-absorbed and plays poorly or with bad judgement
  • Q discovers Don Pine is intentionally throwing games so as to allow a loan shark to recover money owed by DP
  • Starting QB Don Pine breaks his leg, giving Q the opportunity to start
  • Q reluctantly listens to his coach, but does not respect and is not respected by his teammates
  • Q rallies his team mates to help illegally smuggle controlled substances, raising enough money to pay off Don Pine’s debt
  • The Krakens make the playoffs and the T2 finals, securing their promotion to Tier 1

The Starter

Main page:The Starter
  • Contract negotiations, fake dad
  • Bad blood with Don Pine
  • Barely avoid getting relegated
  • Meet becca montagne
  • Rescue Ju from Anna Villani

The All-Pro

Main page:The All-Pro
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2


Main page:The MVP
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

The Champion

Main page:The Champion
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

The Gangster

Main page:The Gangster
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2


Title Fight

Main page:Title Fight
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

The Reporter

Main page:The Reporter
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

The Detective

Main page:The Detective
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

The Rider

Main page:The Rider
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

The Reef

Main page:The Reef
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

The Stone Wolves

Main page:The Stone Wolves
  • Plot point 1
  • Plot point 2

Galactic Football League Core Novels by Scott Sigler

The Rookie (Book I) • The Starter (Book II) • The All-Pro (Book III) •  The MVP (Book IV) • The Champion (Book V) • The Gangster (Book VI)

GFL Novellas by Scott Sigler

Title Fight • The Reporter • The Detective • The Rider • The Reef • The Stone Wolves