Gredok the Splithead

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Gredok the Splithead
Book(s) The Rookie, Title Fight
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation GFL Team Owner, Mob Boss
Species Quyth
Fan Name No

Gredok the Splithead is a character that spans two storylines within The Rookie Universe. He is first seen in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie and then later in the sequels, The Starter and The All-Pro. Intertwined between those storylines, he also appears in the podcast novella Title Fight which is co-authored by Scott Sigler and Matt Wallace.

Character Background

Gredok is a Quyth Leader and underworld figure with the most prominant public role of being the team owner of the Ionath Krakens. Along with being a gangster and Galactic Football League team owner, Gredok also owns a bar in Ionath City named The Bootleg Arms, which is managed by Tecat the Groveling.

As a powerful figure in the underworld, Gredok is known to be merciless, particularly when it came to negotiations. In his acquistion of Quarterback Quentin Barnes from his lieutenant Stedmar Osborne, Gredok showed his ruthlessness by threatening Osborne's wife and child when it looked like Stedmar might try to keep Quentin at the Mining Colony VI Raiders for another season. Gredok commonly uses threats of this nature to get what he desires. Everyone from his head coach Hokor the Hook-Chest, to Doctor Patah, to his another of his lieutenants, Mopook the Sneaky, have fallen victim to Gredok's threats. In the case of Mopook the Sneaky, Gredok learned of his betrayal and followed through on his threat by having Mopook eaten alive by shushuliks. Gredok is know to travel with bodyguards including the Quyth Warriors Choto the Bright and Virak the Mean as well as the human Bobby Brobst and the Heavy Ki Fon-Ga-Kal.

Throughout the novel The Rookie, Gredok intimidates every character in the novel, with the possible exception of Quentin Barnes, in order to ensure the Krakens are promoted to Tier 1. His interest is not spawned out of any sort of team loyalty but rather Gredok's interest in the sort of diplomatic immunity a Tier 1 team would have. Tier 1 immunity would allow Gredok to expand his smuggling efforts, along with his profits, ensuring the return on investment that was the impetus for purchasing the Krakens in the first place.

In the novel The Starter, Gredok's moves past achieving Tier 1 status to winning the Galaxy Bowl Championship. When that became unachievable, Gredok made a deal with Quentin Barnes to help him find his long lost family, if Quentin keeps them from dropping back to Tier 2.

In the novel The All-Pro, The deepths of Greedok's deviousness was shown when it was revealed that he lied to Quentin about finding his family.



Gredok is described as being tall for a Quyth Leader, standing 3 feet 2 inches tall. He has silky-black fur that he keeps impeccably groomed. He frequently wears clothing and accessories that show off his wealth and prestige. He's been known to wear suits of burnished spun silver decorated with red and blue jewels that formed patterns of a solar systems across his chest. Frequently, dozens of bracelets dangled from both of his wrists.


Gredok carried an air of fear and respect about him. When speaking, Gredok used a calm, even, but commanding voice that projected a sentient that was used being having his commands followed. All who came in contact with Gredok understood that he was a Quyth not to be messed with. There are multiple examples of the lengths Gredok went to in order to get what he wanted. Between lying to Quentin Barnes about his family and involving himself in the Title Fight with Chiyal "The Heretic" North, it is concievable that he would do anything to achieve his goals.

Ruthlessness, it seems, is an innate trait of Quyth Leaders. Immediately after conception, Gredok killed two of his brothers because they showed imperfects. Imperfections in bloodlines are not tolerated at all in the Quyth culture, as it affects the downstream ability of a Quyth Leader to mate.

However, Gredok's ruthlessness overshadowed his role as the benefactor of the Ionath Krakens. He spared no expense in ensuring his team had everything they needed in order to concentrate on football and win. Gredok purchased the Touchback, a converted Planetary Union Arhmed-class frigate, from the Creterakians and converted it into a first-class football facility. Outfitted with the Kriegs-Ballok Virtual Practice System, often referred to as the VR Field, the team was able to practice in life-like conditions regardless of where they were in their travels.


As a team owner and underworld boss Gredok's skills tend towards manipulation and leadership. Being a Quyth Leader he is directly suited to those tasks as Gredok can pick up direct physiological responses in his opponents and underlings that can show potential weaknesses. Gredok is particularly good at reading Human idiosyncrasies to determine if they are lying to him. Gredok is also good at keeping a "poker face", that is to say that he can control the involuntary physical manifestations of Quyth emotional responses. A Quyth's emotions are usually betrayed by the color of their eye, the twitching of their pedipalps, and the raising of their fur, however Gredok was very good at controlling these responses and thus not giving an advantage to his adversaries in confrontations and deal making.

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