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HeavyG is a term used in the novel The Rookie by author Scott Sigler and further expanded on in the sequel, "The Starter" .


High G.jpg

Contrary to popular opinion the HeavyG are not just "Really Big Humans." The HeavyG genetic code has been changed so much compared to the standard Homo sapiens that HeavyG can be considered a completely separate sentient Race - Homo Pondus.

The HeavyG were created on Vosor 3. The high-gravity planet had a wealth of mineral resources but standard humans could only work there for short periods of time thus limiting the viability of the planet. An extensive genetic engineering project lead by the League of Planets set out to create a Human varient the could live and entire lifetime on, and thus open up new opportunities on, Vosor 3. High-G Humans tend to be far stronger than normal Humans, and have thicker builds. These stronger physical attributes is due to the thicker, denser bones and higher levels of muscle density. Yet these increase physical capabilities come at a price as HeavyG need to consume far more nutrition than average humans.


Where an average Human male stands 6-feet tall and weighs 190 pounds, an average high-G Human stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 260 pounds. Yet despite being taller HeavyG have lower centers-of-Gravity thanks to heavier hips. The HeavyG also have relatively longer arms - With their arms at their sides and their palms pressed flat against the outside of their legs, the tips of the index finger on most HeavyG Males will touch the ground.

Positions Held in The GFL

With their long arms, short legs, and heavily muscled upper-bodies, HeavyG males are known as the "Gorillas of the Gridiron." While this moniker is due to their physical characteristics, none would disagree that the HeavyG are just as if not more formidable as the Terran Mammal on the Football field. It is the very structural variation that allows them to work so successfully on Heavy Gravity worlds which has led to the species successes on the football field. The attributes of strength, balance, and speed over short distances are what make HeavyG the ideal choice for the position of defensive end.

Indeed this is shown to be true as the HeavyG dominate the defensive end category in almost all successful upper tier football teams. Yet this is not the only position in which you might see the HeavyG play. Indeed, it is even possible for some of the larger HeavyG to succeed in defensive interior positions and even on the offensive line. Five percent of defensive tackles are HeavyG, while seven percent of starting offensive linemen come from the species.

HeavyG females have also challenged the assumption that only Females of the Sklorno species can play professional football in the GFL. Physically, HeavyG Women appear more similar to humans that their male counterparts: HeavyG females have relatively short arms and longer legs than HeavyG males. For this reason HeavyG Women appear more often in positions occupied by humans such as: Fullback, Tight End, Quarterback, and - in some rare exceptions - Linebacker.

Notable HeavyG Characters

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