Hokor the Hook-Chest

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Hokor the Hook-Chest
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Head Coach
Species Quyth
Fan Name No

Hokor the Hook-Chest is a character in the novel The Rookie by author Scott Sigler. Hokor is the head coach of the Ionath Krakens.

Character Description

A Quyth Leader with tan-striped yellow fur.

The 2682 Season

Hokor the Hook-Chest is coach of the Ionath Krakens and was the driving force behind the Krakens aquiring Quentin Barnes from the Tier 3 Micovi Raiders. Hokor also requires all of his quarterbacks to memorize the stats, tendencies, and weaknesses of every defensive player in the Krakens division.

Earlier, as a Tier 3 coach in the Quyth Irradiated Conference, Hokor is known to have executed players for poor performance.