Hunter Hunterson & Sons (business)

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This article is about the business venture named after members of the Hunterson family. For the collected and individual stories featuring the Hunterson family, see Hunter Hunterson & Sons (series)

Hunter Hunterson runs a monster-hunting business called Hunter Hunterson & Sons. Despite the seemingly male-centric name of the company, his wife and daughter also participate in the monster hunting activities.


Hunter Hunterson and his family operated in Salyersville, Kentucky (known locally and colloquially as Slayerville) as independent monster-hunting contract bounty hunters. Slayerville is built on an inter-dimensional rift[1] that is responsible for many of the monsters loose on Earth.

The family relocated when the Netherworld Protectorate offered them a salaried position in the tumultuous supernatural hot seat of San Francisco[2]. Being San Francisco’s Netherworld Protectorate Marshal provides the family business with a new home in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, but at the cost of serving as wardens of supernatural prisoners interred there.


Hunter Hunterson is a second-generation monster-stomper. His father started the business, and his adopted son Bo hopes to take the business over someday[3].

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