Isis Ice Storm

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Isis Ice Storm
Logo IsisIceStorm.jpg
Team Colors Dark Blue, Chrome & White
City Isis
Planet Tower
System Tower Republic
Stadium Isis Stadium
Field Color Sapphire Blue with white lines
Team Owner Steve Libby
Founded 2666
Championships none
2682 Record T1 7-5
2683 Record T1 8-4
2684 Record T1 7-5
2685 Record T1 5-7
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The Isis Ice Storm is a Galactic Football League (GFL) team in The Starter. The team is located in the city of Isis, on the planet Tower in the Tower Republic. The team is known as "the defenders of the Republic's honor."

Historical Notes

The Ice Storm was one of the IGFL's founding franchises and won the championship of that league's inagural season. When the GFL reformed in 2669, Isis accepted an invitation to join and has stayed in Tier One ever since. In 2676, the Ice Storm advanced to its only title game appearance, losing Galaxy Bowl XVII to the Jupiter Jacks.

The Ice Storm is owned by Steve Libby.


When playing at home, the Ice Storm wear jersys that are white on top fading into a light blue in the middle that blended into the leg armor. The light blue at the waist then blends to navy blue at the shins and shoes. The shoes are so blue they appear to be black. The numbers of the jerseys are chrome and the dark blue trims the shoulder pads, chest and back armor. Players belts and shoe clips are chrome. The helmets are snow white decorated only on the left side with the Ice Storm logo which shows six metal blue swords situated in a snowflake formation gleeming with chrome highlights to match their chrome facemasks.


Depiction of Leekee

The Isis Ice Storm Galactic Football League team has their stadium, referred to as The Fish Tank by locals, based in Isis City on the planet Tower. Like much of Isis City, the stadium is submerged in water covered by a clear dome that allows a view of the seemingly endless ocean when viewed from the feild. However, when a game was in progress, the dome allowed about 150,000 sentients, mostly Leekee to watch from the outside of the domed stadium. Three decks of seating are provided for air breathing fans and between each deck a fifteen foot high ring of glass allows liquid luxury box seats. The feild is a sapphire blue with white lines. The logo of the team is painted in the middle of the feild while the endzones are painted in blazing white with Ice Storm spelled out in metalliac letters.

The Ice Storm entertain their crowd at the beginning of each game with a stadium-wide holocast that flitters the Ice Storm swordflakes around as if it were driven by wind. Holograms in chrome, white and deep blue whip around the stadium while the sound system plays a roaring wind in time with the holocast, making it a stunning visual experience.

This is a Tier 1 team within the Planet Division that also includes the following teams:

Team Species / League Source of Name Team Colors
Alimum Armada Sklorno / Sklorno Dynasty Sklorno Mob Boss on Planet Yall Royal Blue, White, Gold, Green & Teal
Coranadillana Cloudkillers Harrah / Harrah Tribal Accord Harrah Mob boss on planet Satah Light Yellow & Blue dots
Hittoni Hullwalkers Human / League of Planets Human City on planet Baker 6 Purple, Red& White
Ionath Krakens
*promoted from Tier 2*
Quyth/ Quyth Concordia Indigenous Animal Orange & Black
Isis Ice Storm Leekee / Tower Mob boss on planet Paragon Dark Blue, Chrome & White
Lu Juggernauts Ki / Ki Empire Planet Lu Steel-Blue & Gold
Mars Planets Human / Planetary Union Planet in Earth system Blue & Yellow
Themala Dreadnaughts Quyth / Quyth Concordia City on planet Whitok Brown, Red & Yellow
To Pirates Ki / Ki Planet To Blood Red
Sala Intrigue Quyth / Quyth Mob boss on planet Whitok Green & Gold
Wabash Wolfpack Tower / Tower City on planet Fortress Red & White
Yall Criminals Sklorno/ Sklorno Planet Yall Purple & White


Position Starters Second String Third String
Quarterback Paul Infante - -
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

Position Starters Second String Third String
Defensive End Ryan Nossek - -
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

The team logo was created by Len Peralta as part of a team logo art contest held by Dark Øverlord Media.

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