John Tweedy

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John Tweedy
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode eight
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Linebacker
Species Human
Fan Name No

John Tweedy is a secondary protagonist in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Tweedy is one of the three starting linebackers for the Krakens and is perhaps most easily identified by his full body tattoo. Tweedy begins as one Quentin Barnes's main source of ribbing regarding his Purist Nation upbringing. His jersey number is 50.


Tweedy is from the planet Thomas 3, a fact he seems quite proud of as he stated while pounding his chest "Glory Be to Thomas 3."


John is not the only Tweedy to grace the GFL. John's brother Ju Tweedy is the running back for the Orbiting Death. John and Ju are said to "...Get along like the Purist Nation and the League of Planets..." Which is to say not at all. Prior to the game, Quentin sees John's Tattoo saying "Mom always did love you best" scrolling across Tweedy's head. This is perhaps indicative of a great family squabble though no more details are brought to life by the end of book. John and Ju's mother currently lives on Orbital Station One.



John has a fully body, subdermal tattoo that is combined with a full cyberlink allowing him to think words which flash on any part of his skin.


John Tweedy is one of the best linebackers in the Krakens Arsenal. An All-Tier 2 in 2681 Tweedy is said to have phenomenal quickness enough to intercept a ten-yard bullet pass straight from Donald Pine. Tweedy is also known to play possum in a game, feigning slowness for most of a game to lull an opposing quarterback into a false sense of security only to pick up many much needed interceptions.

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