John Vizcarra

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John Vizcarra
Book(s) Kissyman
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation NYPD Officer
Species Human
Fan Name Yes

John Vizcarra is a character in the novella Kissyman by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode one of the podcast.

Character Background

Big John Vizcarra is a New York Police Officer who is familiar with Kissyman. He has a partner by the name of Tony Faulkner. When Tony warns Big John about an all-points bulletin that has been put out for him, Big John confronts Kissyman at The Heidelberg, a German eatery in Manhattan, New York.


Outward Appearance

Big John Vizcarra is described being a first generation Italian, having a black mustache and blue eyes that always looked crazy. He stands being 5ft. 9in. (1.75 meters) and approximately 160 pounds (72.57 kgs) and carried a Smith & Wesson Model 10 handgun. He earned his nickname because although he really wasn't that big physically, he was built like a middle weight fighter but delivered a hit like a heavy weight. On a personal note, it is known that Big John infrequently bathes, which leaves him smelling like sour milk.


Big John is the kind of person who resolves a dispute with violence. He is not above using his position as a police officer to intimidate people or to get away with murder - literally. According to Kissyman, Big John has knowledge of some type of Japanese fighting skill, supposedly karate, which combined with his heavy hitting capability, made Big John a lethal opponent.

He is further described as the kind of person who, when at a disadvantage, wants everything to sound like it was his idea. When threatening a person, Big John did not repeat his threats if he knew the person understood the circumstances and the stakes. This is because his reputation carried the understanding that either the job was done or the ramifications would involve the entire police department hunting the person down.

Between Big John and his partner Tony Faulkner, Big John is in charge. Despite, Tony being meaner than Big John, he was not smarter and knew it, so he let Big John run the show.

Fan Based Character

Fan BigJohn.jpg

The character of John Vizcarra is named after the devoted junkie by the same name, pictured at the left. This dedicated junkie can be found as an active member on the official Scott Sigler website forums under the user name of BigJohn.

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