Kissyman (character)

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Book(s) Kissyman
Introduced Episode One
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Hitman
Species Human
Fan Name No

This article is refers to the character named Kissyman.

For information specific to the overall storyline of the novella refer to the Kissyman novella page

Kissyman is the title character in the novella Kissyman by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in Bloodcast episode Kissyman and Screaming Jesse Dupree. Kissyman is assumed to be a nickname as the character's real name is not given in any of the Kissyman episodes.

Character Background

Kissyman is an Ex-Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS) officer who escaped Germany towards the end of World War II. Disgusted with the Nazi policy against the Jews during the holocaust, Kissyman took an opportunity to escort a rich Jewish prisoner, Hilal Chapman, to New York City to start a new life. Though Kissyman did receive a reward for his efforts, $10,000, the money was not enough for Kissyman to retire. In order to survive, Kissyman must find work, and he finds the only thing he is good at is killing.

Kissyman is known for working with partners such as Blind Willy, and Sean "Lefty" Ryan. Kissyman has a policy of hiring help to ensure the job gets done and done in such a way that he remains out of the spotlight. He also favors using traditional German Luger pistols as his weapon of choice.


Outward Appearance

Kissyman is blond haired, blue eyed, broad shouldered, with the jaw of a pitbull. He does not consider himself handsome, possibly due to his battle scars from the war and his series of hits.


Kissyman is an adept hitman. He is prepared, keeping spare clothes, spare weapons and extra ammunition in the trunk of his car. He is able to function well under pressure and is tactical in his methods. This is best seen in his interaction with Big John Vizcarra where he was able to talk his way out of being murdered.

However for all his abilities, Kissyman tends to ride the line of insanity. Though he claims to not be insane several times throughout the story, Kissyman is known to laugh hysterically while killing his victims. In his inner monologue Kissyman claims that this is not due to insanity but rather that he finds his victims "just so damn funny" in their final moments. Yet this tendency to laugh is relatively tame compared to his titular trait of kissing his victims. It is this habit, of kissing his victims, which gives him his nickname. Even Kissyman does not know why he does this, which only adds to the dubiousness of his professions of sanity.

On a personal note, Kissyman has grown a penchant for American snack foods after years of eating war rations and wl animals. He favors Hotess Twinkies, Coca-Cola and Mars candy bars. He also favors eating traditional German food and frequents his favorite restaurant named The Heidelberg. When it comes to women, he makes it clear that he prefers a heavier woman to thin women and is not shy in using sex to gain access to confidential information.

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