Krakens Jersey Fan Gallery

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The Jersey Fan Gallery is a tribute to the fans who have shown their support for the Galactic Football League by spending their hard-earned cash on an official team jersey.

Ionath Krakens Jerseys

The Ionath Krakens jerseys are available in both Home and Away designs. The Away jerseys have both an Original Style (no longer available) and the New Style.

Ionath Krakens Jerseys
Photo Style Number Jersey Name Junkie Name
Away (Original Style) 0 Baby McButter Rob Stauffer
JoshMenardHome.jpg Home 0 Josh Menard
Away 00 Rob Otto
Away 00 Steve Bickel
Away 00 Zyrobyte Chris Graham
Away 0.5 MBC JR Monroe Chavarria
KrakensPoint7 CB2.jpg Away (Original Style) 0.7 CB Paul Harvey
Home 1 Brian Spike Dibonas
61472341 2395215487197377 6053312617626206208 o.jpg Away (New Style) 1 Spike Brian Spike Dibonas
Away 1 Mary Beth Kern
StephenBoydKraknsAway1.jpg Away (Original Style) 1 Steven Boyd
Away 2 Alicia Vickery
Fan 03Gmork.jpg Away (Original Style) 3 Gmork Carmen J. Wellman
Home 3 Richno3 Richard Bennett
Home 4 MonsterShannon Shannon Chavarria
Away 4 Chavarria Shannon Chavarria
Home 5 MuchAdo Shirley Bruce
Fan 05Bruce.jpg Away (Original Style) 5 MuchAdo Shirley Bruce
Kraken-Home-Jersey.jpg Home 6 Sigler Scott Sigler
Kraken06 ScottSigler.jpg Away (Original Style) 6 Sigler Scott Sigler
Kraken-Away-2.jpg Away (New Style) 6 Sigler Scott Sigler
Home 07 Dawsey Jennifer Christians
Home 7 Shadygirl Stephanie Harvey
Kraken07 StephHarvey.jpg Away (Original Style) 7 Shadygirl Stephanie Harvey
Away 7 Supervato Dennis Garcia
Home 8 A Kovacs
Away 8 A Kovacs
Away 9 Hotchman Hotchy Kiene
Away 9 Peppa Peter Germany
Home 9 Haney Trevor Haney
Home 10 Timothy LeGower
Home 10 Terry Davis
Away 10 Terry Davis
Away 10 Alpha Dan Lee
Kraken10 Annathy.jpg Away (Original Style) 10 Annathy Annathy
Kraken10 Schrader.jpg Away (Original Style) 10 Schrader Schrader
Home 12 Gary Lindros
Away 12 Jimmy Mustache Jennifer Sherwood
Away 13 Dave Hess
Home 13 Ruppy Modine Gunch
Away 14 Allie Press
Retired 14 Grall Chris Grall
Krakens14 TimHines.JPG Away (Original Style) 14 Tim Hines
Fan TimothyFeely.jpg Away (Original Style) 16 Timothy Feely
Retired 17 JP Harvey
Home 17 JP Harvey
Kraken17 JPHarvey.jpg Away (Original Style) 17 JP Harvey
KurtArmbrusterAway2.jpg Away (New Style) 17 Kurt Armbruster
Home 18 Maria D'Souza Walters
Away 19 Robin Hudson
Away 20 Julayne Hughes
Kraken21 JerryScullion.jpg Away (Original Style) 21 Jerry Scullion
Kraken21 JosephCartwright.jpg Away (Original Style) 21 Joseph Cartwright
Kraken23 CharlieBeerGuy.jpg Away (Original Style) 23 Beer Guy Charlie the Beer Guy
Kraken23 PaulFischer.jpg Away (Original Style) 23 Paul Fischer
RobertWilsonHome.jpg Home 24 Wilson Robert Wilson
Kraken24 JohnVizcarra.jpg Away (Original Style) 24 BigJohn John Vizcarra
Kraken77 Nuchtchas.png Away (Original Style) 26 Gagnon Tek
Kraken26 KevinMest.jpg Away (Original Style) 26 Kevinesque Kevin Mest
Kraken27 NickRobinson.jpg Away (Original Style) 27 Nick Robinson
Krakens27 Crumpler.jpg Away (Original Style) 27 Justin Crumpler & CB Ayla
Away 31 Danny Daniel Lundy
Fan MicahaelBrown.JPG Away (Original Style) 34 Michael Brown
Home 35 Steven Schacknies
Home 35 Duke Pond Tori Duke Pond
JimElliottHome.jpg Home 36 Rapideye Jim Elliott
Away 36 Boyd Renee Boyd
Away 38 Becca Rebecca Church Procknow
ToriBrletichHome.jpg Home 38 Montagne Tori Brletich
Away (New Style) 38 Montagne Jenny Carr Greenwood
Home 39 Daryl Delancey
Home 42 Ollie Kirby
Away 42 Christina Paul Ellis
Home 42 Boyd Brent Boyd
Kraken42 ChristiniaEllis.jpg Away (Original Style) 42 Christina Ellis
Away (New Style) 44 Syracuse Jenny Carr Greenwood
Away 45 Tom Caroline Heading
Kraken45 TomHeading.jpg Away (Original Style) 45 Tom Heading
Home 47 Fayed Jenny Carr Greenwood
Away (Original Style) 47 BetaClone76 Anthony Miller
Home 50 Uncle Johnny Christine Nielsen
LuLindemannHome.jpg Home 50 Kytheran Lu Owen Lindemann
Kraken50 PaulBest.jpg Away (Original Style) 50 Paul Best
ODoyleAway1.jpeg Away (Original Style) 52
JayaCarl-54-Away2.jpg Away (New Style) 54 BODHR4N Jaya R. Carl
Home 57 Michelle Evans
SynapticJam.jpg Away (Original Style) 57 Synaptic Jam James Keeling Better pic coming at SiglerFest 2011
Kraken58 PonsMattel.jpg Away (Original Style) 58 Twowire Pons Matal
MarkWheeler.JPG Away (Original Style) 58 Mark Wheeler
Home 59 Scott Pond
Away (Original Style) 59 Scott E Pond
Home 59 Mark Copenhaver
Away 61 Gonzo Daniel Gonzales
Home 63 Beth Pate Copenhaver
Home 64 Larkin Larry Kinney
Home 65 Martynizer Martyn Joseph Evans
Krakens65Away1.jpg Away (Original Style) 65
Home 66 Eli Ad Venture
BobBrobstKrakensAway1.jpg Away (Original Style) 66 Bob Brobst
Away 66 JASONXSOS Jason Carpenter
Home 66 Ambrose Nathan Ambrose
Fan Badger.jpg Home 66 Badger Dale Bennett
Kraken68 TeeMorris.jpg Away (Original Style) 68 Tee Morris
Kraken69 DougGlisson.jpg Away (Original Style) 69 Doug Glisson
Away (Original Style) 74 Josh Athanas
Front2.JPG Away (Original Style) 74 Jeremy Freese
Home 76 Morningstar Arioch Morningstar
Krakens-76-Arioch-F+B.jpg Away (Original Style) 76 Morningstar Arioch Morningstar
Away 76 Brian Kane
Kraken77 Nuchtchas.png Away (Original Style) 77 Nuchtchas
Home 79 Gordy Barker
Away 79 BJ Carter
NelsonHome.jpg Home 81 Denver Nelson McClintock
Kraken81 StephenKilbride.jpg Away (Original Style) 81 Stephen Kilbride
Away 85 Absent Minded Professor Gerri McArdle
Kraken88 HesgoneKrazzy.jpg Away (Original Style) 88 Hesgone Krazzy
TonyTryonHome.jpg Home 89 Tony Tryon
Home 91 Trevor Haney
Kraken93 MikeCorabe.jpg Away (Original Style) 93 Mum-O-Killowee Mike Corbae
Away 93 Mum-O-Killowe Robert DeArment
Away 93 Mum-O-Killowe Matt Christine Nielsen
Kraken96 CCChapman.jpg Away (Original Style) 96 CC Chapman
Scaleslea Front.JPG Away (Original Style) 98 Robert Scaleslea
WenselKrakenHome.jpg Home 99 Wensel Don Wensel
Fan Kali.JPG Home 333 Kali Mura
Fan Belladonna.jpg Home 420 Belladonna420 Jeanine Carbonaro
Home 0937 Kelly the Builder Kelly McArdle

OS1 Orbiting Death Jerseys

The OS1 Orbiting Death jerseys are available in Home design only.

OS1 Orbiting Death Jerseys
Photo Style Number Jersey Name Junkie Name
Death-Jersey1.jpg Home 6 Sigler Scott Sigler
Home 44 Mr. Happy Chris Grall
Home 63 Morin Bobby Morin

McMurdo Murderers Jerseys

The McMurdo Murderers jersey is available in Home design only. This jersey has the name and numbers dyed right into the fabric.

McMurdo McMurderers Jerseys
Photo Style Number Jersey Name Junkie Name
Home 00 Evans Michelle Evans
Murderers-Jersey.jpg Home 8 A Kovacs
Home 16 Hare Sherry Hare
Home 24 Belladonna420 Jeanine Carbonaro