L.P.V. Shi Kubonik

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LPV Shi Kubonik
Serving League of Planets
Type Research Vessel
Laid down
Status Destroyed
Nickname n/a
Books(s) The Crypt Book 1

The LPV Shi Kubonik was a Scientific Research Vessel in the League of Planets Navy.


LPV Shi Kubonik was best known for its mission to Gertrude 6. The League of Planets acquired stolen information from the Planetary Union indicating that Professor James Keeling was searching for a specific alloy resonance echo. Dr. Erun Wellington and The League Of Planets believed that the echo belonged to an alien artifact. The Wellingtons were tasked with locating and recovering the artifact before Keeling could obtain it. When the alloy resonance scan was detected on Gertrude 6 the scientific research vessel LPV Shi Kubonik was tasked with transporting the Wellingtons, both Erun and his sister Bethany, to accomplish their mission. Once in orbit above Gertrude 6, the Shi Kubonik served as a tether to an experimental bathysphere where the Wellingtons were conducting their experiments.


While out on mission the crew of the Shi Kubonik, came across a creature that was a native species to the Harrah home planet Shorah. It was affectionately named Grizzit by the children on the ship because it made that sound as it ate. A he creature was usual to have around as it ate nearly anything, could perform simple tasks and provided a diversion. As such, the crew made Grizzit their station mascot. As a joke, or maybe just to make it look less horrific, the naval enlisted men aboard the LPV Shi Kubonik hot glued a Jang Cubs baseball cap on one of its stubbier pseudopods of the creature and shoved two of its tentacles through the arm holes of a fatigue jacket.


During the Gertrude 6 mission, the LPV Shi Kubonik was destroyed by a sudden kinetic force. There is no data available on the events following the destruction of the LPV Shi Kubonik. The bathysphere that was tethered to the LPV Shi Kubonik was also hit by the same inexorable kinetic force, causing the group mind to sever the tether as the Shi Kubonik was destroyed.

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