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Maggie O'Donnell is an ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode twelve of the rough draft audio version of Nocturnal.

Character Background

Maggie O'Donnell is a Sergeant in charge of the San Francisco Police Department archives. It is a position she has held for the last fifty years. It was rumored through the SFPD, that Maggie knew just enough dirt about just enough people, that no one really wanted to push her.

Homicide Detective "Pookie" Chang encounters O'Donnell when he visits the archive to glean information from the Golden Gate Park Slasher case. It is here that he finds evidence that information seemed to be missing out of the Police records. All information about the death of John Doe killer and descriptions of the initial crime scenes (i.e. autopies) were missing from the files. Pookie questions O'Donnell about the missing information to which she attributes the irresponsibility of people who have used the files over the years.

However, after escorting Pookie out, O'Donnell dialed Chief Amy Zou to let her know that Pookie was reviewing the file for the Slasher case and that it was clear he realized information was missing. She also noted that Pookie appeared to be looking for specific information. Before hanging up, O'Donnell assured Chief Zou that the information she requested to be removed had been taken out before Pookie had reviewed the file.



The character’s full name of is Sgt. Maggie O'Donnell. Pookie tried to use the nickname of “El Sargearino” for Maggie however, she made it crystal clear that the nickname was unacceptable. Persevering in his attempts at humor, Pookie later referred to O'Donnell as “Ma”.

Outward Appearance

Maggie O'Donnell is described as being approximately 105 pounds (47.6kgs) with wrinkled skin that once comfortably held a weight of 130 pounds (61.2kgs). She was probably in her sixties, however there was and unsubstantiated rumor around the police department that Maggie was into her eighties. In her uniform, she was described as looking like a senile old grandmother in a cop uniform. This is because she frequently applied her lipstick just a bit off target and striped her blush on each cheek. This may also be the reason Pookie described her as analogous to a sixties movie vampire woman – fresh from a century locked in a coffin and still in need of her first meal of blood – inferring that she looking both pale and ancient. She also carried a giant ring of keys that allowed her access to the archive rooms and files.


Maggie is a dedicated public servant who takes her job seriously. She is a plucky, no-nonsense type of person, who isn’t shy about enforcing her rank in order to ensure the proper respect is paid to her. As Pookie found out, a compliment and a smile worked on most women, but not with Maggie. This may be the reason Pookie likened her to an old battle axe. While she maintained a stoic façade for coworkers, she does show a moment of weakness while thinking back to the Golden Gate Slasher case. She experienced the case first hand and didn’t like to think of it. On most days she didn’t and when she did she pushed out the thoughts with a discipline formed over the past thirty years. However after Pookie’s visit, a flood of memories assaulted her and she was reduced to deep, desperate sobs while sitting alone in her car.

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