Marie's Children

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Marie's Children is a cult in the rough draft novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler.



This cult had been in San Francisco for 150 years and were said to be cannibals. The group first appeared in the early 1800's and by the late 1800's they had been declared witches due to a series of murders that were attributed to their group. In 1873, a group called The Saviors rounded about 100 people believed to be followers of the cult and burned them at the stake at Mission Delores. However, not all of the cult members were eradicated. Since then, there had been similar murders every decade.

Current Events

Protection Drawing

The symbols of both Marie’s Children and the protection symbol are found at the scene of several recent murders in the San Francisco area. Bryan finds the symbols at the murder scene of Alex Panos scrawled on a brick wall that was obscured by a dumpster. The same symbols are found at the murders of Kyle Souller and Paul Fischer.

Both the symbols depicting Marie’s Children and the protection against The Saviors that have shown up in the recent murders do not show up in the San Francisco Police Department paper archives or in the online Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Symbols Analysis Database (SAD).

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