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Dr. Matt Kriz
Book(s) Kissyman
Introduced Episode Four
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Doctor
Species Human
Fan Name No

Dr. Matt Kriz is a character in the novella Kissyman by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode four of the podcast.

Character Background

Dr. Kriz is a Veterinarian and friend of Sean "Lefty" Ryan. He is brought into Kissyman's world in order to remove bullets from Kissyman. As a result of a recent firefight with Beth Copenhaver's stalker Mathis Wrenn, Kissyman was shot several times. "Lefty" was on hand as Kissyman's backup but when Kissyman falls unconscious, succumbing to his wounds, "Lefty" takes him to the doctor he knows that won't turn him in to the police. Kissyman awakens during the removal of the bullets and is agitated to learn that Dr. Kriz is actually a veterinarian, but he allows the doctor to continue with the procedure.



Dr. Kriz is a bit of an opportunist, as he charges "Lefty" the hefty sum of $100 in order to remove the bullets from Kissyman. However, his character is somewhat redeemable in that he cares for the animals under his care and even under the odd circumstances he finds himself in with "Lefty" and Kissyman, he still attempts to convince them to adopt a couple of the homeless dogs he is mending.

Fan Based Character

Fan MastaCylindar.jpg

The character of Dr. Matt Kriz is named after the devoted junkie by the same name, pictured at the left. This dedicated junkie can be found as an active member on the official Scott Sigler website forums under the user name of Masta Cylindar.

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