Mining Colony VI (Micovi)

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Mining Colony VI is a planet within The Rookie Universe known best for being the home planet of the successful Galactic Football League (GFL) quarterback Quentin Barnes and his home football team of the Mining Colony VI (or Micovi) Raiders.


The Planet

Mining Colony VI is also referenced as Micovi by the local population. Micovi has three tiny moons that when viewed from the planet surface, appeared in hues of purple. Micovi was colonized by Purist Nation settlers.

The People

Having been colonized by Purist Nation settlers, there are strict rules forbidding non-human beings from being on the planet. However, since Micovi is a outlying border planet, these strict rules are sometimes overlooked.



The settlers of Micovi subscribe to the the Purist religion. The church is an important part of life on Micovi and many of the citizen strive to achieve confirmation by their 30th birthday. In addition to non-human lifeforms being banned from the planet, many luxury items such as liquor and cigarettes are also forbidden. However, enforcement of these rules often depended on social status within the community.

Social Status

The church is an important part of life on Micovi and one's position in the church was important to forging both personal and business relationships. Often, citizens go through confirmation and ritual tattooing simply to ensure upkeep of the best business relationships. Other than religion, one's family ties were also of critical importance to social status on Micovi. Citizens particularly looked down on orphans. Orphans were treated as an untouchable caste with no chance at confirmation within the church. With few avenues for improving their social status, orphans were frequently relegated to working in the mines.


Micovi is the proud home of the GFL Tier 3 football team formally named the Mining Colony VI Raiders. The team also is referred to interchangeably as the Micovi Raiders. The Micovi Raiders are best known for producing the talented player Quentin Barnes, who was also the first Tier 2 Purist Nation quarterback in the GFL. The team played at Micovi Memoral Stadium which had a Carsengi grass feild.