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Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Five
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Defensive Tackle
Species Ki
Fan Name No

Mum-O-Killowe is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Mum-O-Killowe is the backup Defensive Tackle for Krakens first-string defensive tackle Mai-An-Inkole and is the first alien Teammate Quentin Barnes meets. His number is 93.

Prior to the Ionath Krakens

Tier Three Ball

Prior to joining the Ionath Krakens Mum-O-Killowe played Tier 3 ball in the Sklorno League where he had twenty-six sacks in the regular twelve-game season with another five in the playoffs. Yassoud Murphy tells Quentin the Mum-O-Killowe hits very hard and has not concept of the difference between practice and a game. While he never met Quentin on the football field prior to joining the Krakens Quentin's fame had preceded him; Mum-O-Killowe tells Quentin In his gutteral Ki Language that he "had hope Quentin Would be on another Tier 2 team so Mum-O-Killowe could cripple the Purist Nation native.

With The Krakens

Rookie Season

Not much is said about Mum-O-Killowe's performance throughout his rookie season. Mum-O-Killowe is mostly used as a threatening example of Quentin's alien teammates especially considering Mum-O-Killowe's wish to cripple Quentin at the start of the season. However Mum-O-Killowe does have one very key performance in the Krakens' Semi-final game against the Texas Earthlings. Mum-O-Killowe savaged the Earthlings' Offense and was named the game's MVP with three sacks and a game-critical fumble recovery for a touch down.


Physical Description

Mum-O-Killowe is first Ki Quentin has ever seen in the flesh. He is described as being over twelve-feet long with a tube-shaped body bent upwards in the middle giving Mum-O-Killowe's body a six-foot horizontal and a six-foot vertical torso. Bright orange skin covered with small reddish-brown enamel covers his body. It is estimated that Mum-O-Killowe weighs approximately 580 lbs and can bench press over 1200 lbs.


From the very beginning of Mum-O-Killowe's tenure on the Ionath Krakens he has described his wish to cripple Quentin Barnes. Eventually, he and Barnes do come to a working relationship, but this does not decrease Mum-O-Killowe's ferocious and killer nature.

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