New Rodina Astronauts

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New Rodina Astronauts
Team Colors Blue & Yellow
City New Rodina
Planet Wilson 6
System League of Planets
Stadium New Rodina Coliseum
Field Color Green with white lines
Team Owner Barbara Jungbauer
Founded 2658
Championships 2660-Galaxy Bowl II
2663-Galaxy Bowl V
2679-Galaxy Bowl XXI
2682 Record T1 6-6
2683 Record T1 11-1
2684 Record T1 5-7
2685 Record T1 1-11 (R)
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The New Rodina Astronauts is a Galactic Football League (GFL) team in The Starter.

Historical Notes

It is said that the GFL owes its modern-day popularity to two franchises: the To Pirates and the New Rodina Astronauts. In the league's first few years, one of those two franchises won six of the first seven Galaxy Bowls. That early consistency drew billions of fans, and helped fuel the league's growth. Owned by the Jungbauer beer magnate Barbara Jungbauer, the Astronauts have appeared in three Tier 1 Championships (Galaxy Bowl II, V & XXI) wining in all 3 appearances. The three-time champion Astronauts also celebrate their 25th anniversary this season, all 25 years of which have been played in Tier One.

This is a Tier 1 team within the Solar Division that also includes the following teams:

Team Species / League Source of Name Team Colors
Bartel Water Bugs Leekee / Tower City on planet Tower Blue and Gold
Bord Brigands Ki / Ki Mob boss on planet Ol -
Chillich Spider Bears
*promoted from Tier 2*
Sklorno Indigenous Animal Yellow with Black Checks
D'Kow War Dogs Sklorno / Sklorno City on planet Bist -
Jang Atom Smashers Sklorno Ki Human / League of Planets Science Orientated Blue and Orange
Jupiter Jacks Planetary Union / Human Planet in Earth's system Gold Silver and Copper
Neptune Scarlet Flyers - - -
New Rodina Astronauts League of Planets Science Orientated Humans Sklorno and Ki -
Sala Intrigue Quyth / Quyth Mob boss on planet Whitok -
Shorah Warlords Harrah / Harrah - Pink with dark pink dots
Vik Vanguard Ki/ Ki - -
Free Birds
*demoted to Tier 2*
Independent Space Station / Quyth Mob boss on Free Bird Station -


Position Starters Second String Third String
Quarterback Rick Renaud - -
Running Back Steven Schacknies - -
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

Position Starters Second String Third String
Linebacker Douglas Glisson - -
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

Special Teams
Position Starters Second String Third String
Kicker Howard DiNatale - -
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

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