PUV Linus Torvalds

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PUV Linus Torvalds
Serving Planetary Union
Type Drydock
Laid down 2487
Launched 2496
Status in active service
Namesake Linus Torvalds
Nickname n/a
Books(s) The Crypt Book 1

The PUV Linus Torvalds is a drydock ship in the Planetary Union Navy.


Construction began (laid down) on the Torvalds in 2487. Taking nine years to build, the ship entered service in the year 2496.

The Torvalds has the main function of serving as a drydock or tender vessel which services other Planetary Union vessels. The ship was frequently used to transport people and supplies to and from larger ships such as the PUV Keeling.


The namesake of this vessel is the 20th Century inventor Linus Torvalds, creator of a primary open-source programming language called Linux.

Points of Interest

When the Torvalds launched on her maiden voyage, she was the second-largest construct ever created by mankind.

Key Battles

Information on the Torvalds' combat service is classified.

Creterakian Empire Acquisition

When the Cretarakians conquered the Planetary Union in 2641 and disbanded the Union fleet, the Torvalds was quickly converted to the Empire's uses. From 2641 to 2688 the Torvalds functioned as the Creterakian Navy's primary drydock. Advances in punch drive technology allowed for faster travel between systems, and the Creterakians downgraded the Torvald from military vessel "auxiliary" status, meaning the ship could take on civilian customers. At this time, the ship was re-christened the CAS Linus Torvalds, for "Cretarakian Auxillary Service."

In 2669, the Empire allocated a section of the Torvalds for service and repair of Galactic Football League "team buses." Ships of Tier One GFL teams must submit to a week-long inspection every off-season. Tier Two ships must be inspected every other year, and Tier Three ships are checked and re-certified every third year.

Home System circa 2684

Despite it's age of nearly two centuries, the CAS Linus Torvalds is still capable of interstellar travel. However, it has not left Jupiter's orbit for well over a hundred years. The Torvalds is an official member of the Jupiter Net Colony, and its permanent citizens enjoy full Planetary Union voting rights.

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