Perry Dawsey

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Perry Dawsey is a character in the novels Infected, Contagious and Pandemic by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode one of the podcast.

Character Background

Perry Dawsey (B. ??/??/1983) is a former All American linebacker for the University of Michigan (#56). He had NFL prospects until his dreams were shattered by a devastating knee injury in 2003, he continued on at the U of M until graduating in June of 2005. His father's abusive treatment of both Perry and his mother throughout his youth has haunted Perry into adulthood, and he fears and despises the violent rages that he is easily sent into, because he wants, more than anything, not to continue that cycle of violence. Perry is the main character of Infected and consequently the victim of the Triangles that we know the most about. It's his journey from relative normalcy into madness and self-destruction that we follow in this novel.


Dawesy is a recurring character in the following novels:

Dawsey has also appeared in 3 consecutive podcasts of his own in the Season 2 of BloodCast, as a host.