Pippa Remic

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Pippa Remic
Book(s) The Crypt Book 1
Introduced Episode Ten
Gender Female
Age 29
Occupation Military Service
Species Human
Fan Name No
Military Service
Allegiance Planetary Union
Branch Marines
of Service
8 years
Rank Private First Class
Stationed P.U.V. James Keeling
Battles/Wars n/a
Awards n/a
Injuries n/a

Pippa Remic is a character in the novel titled The Crypt by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode ten of the podcast version of The Crypt Book 01: The Crew.

Character Background

Pippa Remic is first introduced as she arrived on Vosor 7. She was a two tour Planetary Union Marine however, she was in violation of her service agreement as she was Absent Without Leave (AWOL). This meant she left her service obligation without permission and was therefore a deserter.

She was on the run and purposefully came to legendarily dangerous Big Wayne's Island on Vosor 7 by choice. She meant to "convalesce" or basically get away from it all and forget her last tour of duty. She was haunted by the deaths she experienced on her last mission and honestly did care if she lived or died. In this state, she tempted fate by going on a trip the the famed island.

In the midst of hunting and being hunted by the Ebony Wolves of Big Wayne's Island she comes across a woman in distress. The woman's sister was being attacked by a church Reverend who, Pippa later finds out, is infected with Passenger Med. She makes the decision to call in the Vosor 7 Planetary Union military to eradicate the virus, even though it meant she would be arrested and would face the death penalty.


Outward Appearance

Remic is described as having black skin. No other physical details of her appearance have been given as of yet.


Remic was described as being cynical beyond her years. She was deeply affected by her last tour of duty where she witnessed many gruesome deaths. She arrived on Big Wayne's Island with a bit of a death wish, knowing that she was pitting herself against dangerous and deadly wild animals. However when faced with a chance to be honorable, Remic didn't hesitate to help, even knowning it could result in her death.

In her attempt to help two townspeople in distress, memories of her father abusing her flashed back as well as memories of killing her own father at the age of five. These memories also deeply affected her and helped make her decision to kill the agressor she faced on Big Wayne's Island.


Remic was a two tour Planetary Union Marines and as such she was proficient with weapons and able to handle herself in a fight. She was taught to gauge threat levels and prioritize targets, which led to her lack of trust of anything or anyone. She considered her lack of trust as her savoior as it helped keep her alive during two combat tours but it was also her curse as it made her overly suspicious.


Remic is guilty of being AWOL and on the run for two years. She had deserted the Marines because she was afraid for her life.

Co-Authored Character

Continuing in his innovative writing style, the character of Pippa Remic was the result of a collaboration between authors Scott Sigler and Andy Remic.

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